AVBP Members Create Disruptions at BHU while Street Theatre

24 Sep, 2018
AVBP Members Create Disruptions at BHU while Street Theatre

NOIDA 24th September 2018: On September 23, BHU students had to face the chaos and disruptions all created allegedly by the members of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh affiliate Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad at BHU entry gate. The BHU students were showing street theatre performances and mic event openly to recall the last year protests of the students in BHU demanding for securing and rights against harassment.

As per the statements of Swati, the president of ‘Students for Change which is the event conducting body, “When the performances were commenced, the ABVP leaders came there and start assaulting the students with lathis and also reiterating the slogans of Bharat Mata ki jai’ and Jai Shri Ram’. They were large in number and had even attacked the females performing the event.”

She further added, “There were some ABVP members who also sexually harassed the females at the event. We tried to stop this nuisance but they anyhow managed to create turmoil and disturbed the event. Not only this, the ABVP leaders also attempted to forcefully drag us back to the hostel.”

She also quoted that all this disruption was continued till an hour. Instead of such a heavy chaos inside the campus, the administration acted like a mute spectator. They did nothing to control the agitation even after our constant requests. Rather we were ordered to get back o the hostels.

Swati stated, “After all this, it is quite clear that BHU management is anti student and anti women and is what they had depicted last year. Instead of taking action against ABVP members, the administration was forcing us to stop the event and go back.”

Last year, in the month of September, the police had assaulted the protesting students with lathi charge and there were mostly the women who had become the victim. They were raising their voice against BHU management for victim shaming of sexually harassed student and also against the discriminatory norms in the hostel.

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