Assam College Students a victim of acid attack for Rejecting Marriage

10 Oct, 2018
Assam College Students a victim of acid attack for Rejecting Marriage

Noida 10th October 2018: Like all the social evils prevailing in the world, acid attack has again been successful in inflicting its affects on the womenfolk because of denial. A woman in Assam’s Lakhimpur district on Monday after rejecting marriage proposal has been found to become an acid victim. She is a first year student who has been hospitalized with burn injuries on the left side of her face, chest and arm. The victim was first taken to North Lakhimpur Hospital but then referred to the Gauhati Medical College.

Another woman who was there at the spot with the victim informed the police about the attack that the accused along with another acquaintance arrived at the spot in a car and tried to drag the victim while she was returning home from the college at Pathalipahar area. The accused is a resident of Borbali village who when forcibly got resisted, threw acid on the face of the girl. The victim and her family have alleged that the victim has been attacked for revenge by the accused on her and her family after rejecting the marriage proposal.

It has been a concerning issue that India’s women have been facing the acid attacks since time immemorial. Most of the times it has been faced due to denial of proposal, or unintentionally hurting the sentiments of the opposite sex for their own choice and convenience, or in any other way to dominate them by men. But the attacking with acid is not only spoiling the body of a girl but is a sign blemishing her future with no fault on her own part. Everyone has their choice and preferences and they work according to their self interest and one cannot be victimized for the same reason at any cost.

Strict action has been expected from the government with more concerns bridging the gap of social evils and womenfolk in the states of India. Not only acid attack but there is many crimes that have rectified the need for immense justice on the part of all the women across the country so that they do not have to deal with impacts spoiling their life for disapproval. Ultimately a woman has the right to make her own choices as per her convenience and concern.

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