Around 2.5 Lakh Indian students pursue higher education in US, says SEVI report

29 Oct, 2018
Around 2.5 Lakh Indian students pursue higher education in US, says SEVI report

India is spotted as the 2nd largest country from where the students come to US for their higher education. According to a latest report, over 2.5 lakhs Indian students were studying in different American universities in 2017.

This report is issued by the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) which is an acknowledged organization under US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. As per this report, 4,81,106 students from China are studying in the USA and this stat makes China top the chart.

The report said that over 1.5 million international students were pursuing higher education in diverse academic establishments of US in 2017’. The count of Indian students is 2,49,763 to be precise. China and India account for more than half of the international students in the USA.

Their Asian counterparts South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Japan follow India and China with 95,701, 72358, and 41,862 students respectively. The other countries in the list of top 10 are Vietnam, Brazil, Taiwan, Mexico, and Canada.

As far as the number of STEM OPT authorized students is concerned, India is on top of this list. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and OPT for Optional Practical Training. STEM OPT program is all about the 2-year extension of OPT for qualifying students with STEM degrees. Pre-completion OPT is introduced before the student’s program end date.

There were total 89,839 STEM OPT foreign students in 2017 in US. India was leading with a number of 50,507, followed by China (21,705), South Korea (1,670), Taiwan (1,360), and Iran (1,161).

The report also mentioned that Indian students don’t prefer US for their school studies. Even in the list of foreign school students, China again tops the list with 44,573 students at higher secondary level. South Korea (6,842), Vietnam (6,017), Mexico (2,865) and Brazil (1,926) follow China in this list.

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