Anna University to Cancel the Affiliation of College for Illicit Practice in Exams

15 Nov, 2018
Anna University to Cancel the Affiliation of College for Illicit Practice in Exams

NOIDA- Anna University is on the move to cancel the affiliation of Chendhuran College of Engineering and Technology, Pudukottai from next academic year. The University will take this step on the grounds of some illicit practices in the college.

It was the time of the semester examinations on November 01 when the officials of the university have detected that the college owner’s son was not writing his own exam rather took the help of a substitute candidate for the same which is not at all acceptable by the university. When the examination controller of Anna University heard about this malpractice in the college, the decision for cancellation of affiliation was taken.

This incident did not come as a surprise or shock from the colleges as they were also caught in various other fraud related instances. Last year, some colleges had permitted the students to write the exam paper from textbooks and the piece of papers n the examination hall. The cheating from the answer sheets of other candidates was also done openly. Till date, there are total 1400 students that have already been caught in such kinds of illicit practices in the semester exams of the university.

To eradicate these illegal activities and to raise an objection against them, the Controller of Examinations has formulated an internal inquiry committee and has directed them to investigate the matter and submit the final report on the same.  For now, the University has deputed the external faculty in other three colleges that were the culprits of such activities.

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