AMU Witnesses Threats of Leaving the University by Thousands of Kashmiri Students

15 Oct, 2018
AMU Witnesses Threats of Leaving the University by Thousands of Kashmiri Students

On October 14, Kashmiri students that are there in the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) have instilled a sense of threat to the authorities that they might leave the university and go home in case the charges of agitation and rebellion on them will not be removed.

The former vice-president of AMU students union, Sajjad Rathar, has written a letter to the Vice Chancellor of AMU stating that if the Kashmiri students will not be freed from these charges, more than 1200 of them will leave the premises of the university and go to the Kashmir Valley at their homes as this would only be the resort left for them.

He further added that it was confirmed by the official agencies that there were no prayer meetings organized by these students inside the university campus, still this kind of harassment is being done by the authorities which is not at all acceptable and against justice.

On October 13, the letter was given to AMU Proctor Mohsin Khan at his office and the large mass of Kashmiri students was present there.

Shafay Kidwai, AMU spokesman, has dismissed the harassment charges that were levied by the Kashmiri students’ on the authorities and stated that “no innocent would be framed”.

Prof Kidwai also give clarity on this by making the remark, “there is zero tolerance for any anti-national activity inside AMU campus”.

Three Kashmiri students of AMU were guilty of allegedly citing the anti national slogans inside the university campus and also tried to raise a prayer meeting for Hizbul Mujahideen commander Manan Bashir Wani. The whole incident has happened on October 12.

Ajai Sahni, Senior Superintendent of Police in Aligarh quoted that the action was taken by the police forces once the video went viral in which the Kashmiri students were shouting anti national slogans.

Prof Kidwai stated that total nine students were given the notices for attempting to raise the meeting for prayers and citing slogans.

He further added, “An inquiry committee consisting of three members has been formed to get the insight of the whole incident. The committee is supposed to provide the report in the next 72 hours.”.

Earlier, three students were rusticated from the AMU.

On October 11, there were few Kashmiri students in AMU that had raised the funeral prayers for Wani near Kennedy Hall inside the campus. The students union and teachers have tried their best to stop this nuisance. In return, the students created mess and soon the argument was turned into the heated exchange between the two groups.

He quoted that the university will not tolerate the anti national acts of the students at any cost.

Faizul Hasan, AMUSU president also raised his remark on this matter stating that he is not against the freedom to speech but any act that is intentioned to create terror in the nation will not be acceptable by the union.

He added that AMUSU won’t permit any individual to defame the university by such illegal acts.

Satish Gautam, BJP lawmaker from Aligarh stated that the students who attempted to raise the prayer meeting for Wani inside the AMU campus must be straightaway expelled out.

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