Amazon Web Service Education Program to be adopted by IIT Kharagpur

18 Mar, 2019
Amazon Web Service_Education_Program

Noida: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur has decided to adopt Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate programme with the motive of helping students to gain cloud computing skills with hands-on experience in artificial intelligence (AI). A top official of the institute, Director IIT Kharagpur Professor P P Chakrabarti has stated on Friday that – They are happy to introduce AWS Educate programme to provide students with AWS Cloud Computing experience and AI-enablement, irrespective of their branch of study.

An official statement said, the initiated programme offers to robust set of no-cost tools and resources. The programme also provides AWS promotional credits for students as well as educators to build up their cloud skills and experience.

The AWS Education Programme is the global initiative started by Amazon with the motive of providing students and the educators with the resources required to accelerate cloud –related learning. Another motive is to help power the workforce of tomorrow.

Rahul Sharma, Amazon Internet Services Private Limited, President said, AWS Educate is framed with the motive of teaching skill to students with the latest advancements in cloud computing technology and provide them with an atmosphere to trial on AWS Cloud, without making them worried about cost or access challenges,”. He further added, We are pleased to work with IIT Kharagpur in their journey of higher learning, and to help them nurture new talent for a cloud-ready workforce”.

The students will gain access to 12 Cloud Career pathways which will be covering topics that are in demands by employers. The topics are such as machine learning, cyber security, and software development. Each topic will be covered with over 30 hours of content.

Student will be eligible to receive an AWS Educate Certificate of Completion or an AWS Educate Badge after the completion of the programme.'
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