AIIMS Rishikesh experiences the noble presence of president Ram Nath Kovind in 1st ceremony

05 Nov, 2018
Ram Nath Kovind

On November 4, AIIMS Rishikesh organized its first convocation ceremony and the Chief Guest of the event was Ram Nath Kovind, the President of India. He addressed the faculty and the students in the convocation and praised the efforts and contribution of AIIMS in the platform of research and medical advancements.

He stated that the medical amenities given by AIIMS are splendid and worth praising. The research programs and other health related activities conducted by AIIMS in various areas are excellent and for the welfare of the society.

The President further quoted that AIIMs has been established in various underdeveloped regions of the country and with this, superior quality health care amenities can be reached to these areas at affordable cost. Moreover, the pressure on the hospitals that are in metro cities will be lessened with this.

The President added that AIIMS Rishikesh should visualize itself as the most leading research centre including the fact that it renders excellent medical care services. He also mentioned his desire stating that AIIMS Rishikesh should encourage the employment of some special faculties and gain the trust of the people so that they may come here from various areas for best treatment. Not only this, he also requested the doctors to lay their focus on Uttarakhand region and look after the health related matters pertaining to the same.

Apart from this convocation ceremony, the President also headed the inauguration of Gyan Kumbh which is basically the national conference in Haridwar related to the enhancement of quality in higher education. The University of Patanjali, Haridwar and the government of Uttarakhand have taken the onus to conduct this conference.

The President addressed the people in the conference saying that according to the provisions of our constitution, both state and union governments are accountable for higher education.

He further said that this conference would explicitly be the driving factor for quality higher and the results of the conference would increase the probability for higher education in Uttarakhand as well as across the country.

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