AIIMS MBBS Registration Process to Start in Advance this Year

13 Nov, 2018

NOIDA: AIIMS or All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi has decided to start the process of Online Registration of the candidates for AIIMS MBBS entrance examination in advance this year. The past records state that the major part of the rejection of forms is because of inadequate filling and incomplete information except that of academic qualifications. Keeping this main issue into mind, the authority has divided the registrations for AIIMS MBBS entrance examination into two parts. First stage would be of basic registration and the next would be of final registration. The schedule of AIIMS MBBS entrance examination will be notified by the authority and is expected to be conducted in the month of May next year.

As per the statement given by the medical institute pertaining to AIIMS MBBS entrance exam, the tentative date for the commencement of Basic Registration will fall in the second week of November 2018 and the schedule of final registration will be in the first week of February-2019.

Stage of Basic Registration for AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam 2019

In this initial stage of registration, the candidates who are interested to apply for the AIIMS-MBBS entrance examination are supposed to register themselves as a foremost step for application. For this, they need to provide the basic details in the form and upload the images six months before. This is what the basic registration is,

This information given by the applicants and the images will be scrutinized properly by the examination authority. The candidates will be given the option to rectify the errors or mistakes in the details and they can do the same within the given time.

As per the statement, the applicants will be intimated about the acceptance status of their registration. The details of the candidates will be saved with a unique identification number. With this, the applicants will get the sufficient time to fix the errors or rectify the mistakes in the details and thus they won’t have to bear the last moment hassle and also the hitch of rejection of their form.

In the procedure of Basic Registration, there will not be any kind of charges and thus the candidates need not to make any payment in this stage.

Considering the fact that the candidates may not have fulfilled their eligibility of examinations, there are some details that may not be furnished during Basic Registration.

The procedure for basic registration will be closed before the AIIMS MBBS entrance examination 2019 and after that date, the authority will not accept any application for the year 2019.

The candidates who have successfully done the Basic Registration and their applications have been accepted by the authority are supposed to make the choice of appearing for the exam in the same year or subsequent year.

Stage of Final Registration for AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam 2019

If there is a case when any of the candidates decides not to appear for the exam this year, there will not be any need to go ahead and complete the process of Final Registration as their details at the time of Basic Registration will be saved and considered to be valid for the next year.

The applicants who are ready to appear for the entrance exam this year can go ahead and complete Final Registration procedure.

The candidates need to make the note of the fact that if they have the rejected applications during Basic Registration, they won’t be eligible to move ahead for Final Registration.

In the stage of Final Registration, the candidates need to complete the remaining details that include academic qualifications, centre of examination, payment mode etc.

Only those applicants will be given the Admit Cards for the entrance examination who have successfully fulfilled the eligibility criteria as specified in the respective Prospectus.

Once the Final Registration process is completed and the Admit Cards are issued, the process of Basic Registration process will get resumed for subsequent year.

The candidates who have already done the Basic Registration are not supposed to again provide the details, no matter whether they have given AIIMS-MBBS Entrance Examination-2019 or not.

This way, all the eligible candidates will get the facility of verifying the status of completion and acceptance of their basic registration details in all respects, well in advance.

The applicants must remember the fact that only those applications that are considered to be completed by all means and accepted during the Basic Registration stage are allowed to be included in the Final Registration process along with the payment. No need to fill the Basic Registration details and upload the images repeatedly.

The authority will upload online the Prospectus along with the city of examination before the beginning of Final Registration.

This prospective Applicants Advanced Registration or PAAR facility has been initiated for AIIMS MBBS entrance examination 2019 onwards and will also be followed in future.

To get more information on entrance examination, the candidates can visit

The most important point to be noted by the applicants implies that only those candidates who completely fill the Basic Registration form and rectify their mistakes and discrepancies within the given time limit will be eligible to proceed ahead to complete the Final Registration for AIMS MBBS Entrance Examination 2019.

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