AICTE approved engineering colleges to follow open book exam from next academic year

24 Nov, 2018
AICTE approved engineering colleges to follow open book exam from next academic year

NOIDA- From the year 2019 onwards, the system of open book examination may come into effect for the engineering students who belong to the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) approved colleges. In this initiative that was taken by the advisory board of AICTE, the students will be permitted to go through the books while giving the examination.

This step is taken to bring some improvement in the quality of engineering education in the country.

The chairperson AICTE committee on examination reform and vice chancellor KLE Technological University, Ashok Shettar stated, “The traditional way of taking the exams can evaluate the students on the grounds of their potential to regenerate the knowledge. We actually aspire to change the system of assessment of the students.”

AICTE has suggested the colleges to cut the number of questions with two or three concepts or give more time to the students to solve the paper under the open book system. According to this new policy, the students need not to take the stress of recalling the topics, rather they are supposed to lay more emphasis on the application front of the information and imbibe the problem-solving approach within themselves.

The policy has recommended the academicians to make the question paper in a manner that the students would do things with the given information to them. They should not only locate the right information from the book.

Shettar quoted, “The system of open book examination will be implemented in a systematic and organized manner. It won’t be permitted in all the exams.”

As per the report of the policy, this system will also inspire the authority who sets the question paper to design them in a manner that the students would be assessed on the grounds of their application of knowledge.

To execute this open book system, from next month, the AICTE will start giving training to the teachers of the engineering institutes.

Shettar added that this new policy is expected to be executed from the ‘next academic year’. Not only the open book, the Examination Reforms Policy also contains various other reforms such as mandatory internships, students’ projects, research etc.

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