Aadhar No More Decides the Future of Students: Says the Supreme Court in the Verdict on Wednesday

26 Sep, 2018
Aadhar No More Decides the Future of Students

Noida, 26th September- The Supreme Court has bent into the decision of not considering the Aadhar Card as the compulsory document for school admissions. It has proclaimed that it is a constitutionally valid document which cannot be considered compulsory for the admission process of children, respectively. According to the say of Article 7, school education admissions are not a benefit on the grounds of constitution of the country.

Not only did the Supreme Court push its focus in the proclamation about the admissions in the school but has also determined that the Central Board of Secondary Education, The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test and University Grants Commission will also not consider the Aadhar card mandatory for the entrance or admission.

The head of the Judiciary stated that no children must be denied any exposure of educational opportunities or restricted from admissions to any institutions of their choice on the grounds of not being able to produce their Aadhar Card. The rights of any aspirant will not be restricted on the grounds of the Aadhar card unavailability.

The Aadhar Card was made compulsory by the Unique Identification Authority of India, to be produced by all the students seeking admission in any of the educational institutions or there would be a denial to the admission of the students who remain unsuccessful to produce the same. Fortunately, all the parents would feel relieved regarding the stress for the clearing off of the hindrance in the admission procedures of their children.

The Supreme Judicial Authority has finally decided to count no bounds based on the Aadhar Card verification for student’s admission to schools, colleges or universities either, that does not fall under the section 7. The judges also strike down the linking of the Aadhar Number to the bank accounts and remark it as unconstitutional.

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