49 Indian Academic Establishments Make their Place in World University Ranking

27 Sep, 2018
49 Indian Academic Establishments Make their Place in World University Ranking

Noida 27th Sep 2018: As per the report of Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019, India has created the record with 49 institutions among various high graded universities across the world and IISc Bangalore topped the list.

On one side where IISc bagged the top position among all 49 institutions of the country, the list also consists of some new names including IIT Indore. With this, the Indian Institute of Technology in Indore is said to have created an impactful debut in the worldwide rankings. However, the Indian Institutes do not find their place in the global list of 200 that was topped by Oxford University.

IISc Bangalore was there in the ranking list of 250-300. IIT Indore has embarked its presence by emerging as a debut player in the list of 351-400 groups of best universities. IITs in Delhi, Mumbai and Madras are way behind the position of IIT Indore.

IIT Bombay is considered as the third best institute from India after it has made its place in the group of 401-500 ranking holders. After announcing the list of top 200 institutes, THE has not given individual rankings rather it has formulated the groups and mapped the institutes accordingly.

The director of IIT Indore, Pradeep Mathur stated that his institute is doing a lot on research front by making more investment in research related facilities, putting more efforts in employing competent and promising researchers and rendering incentives for patents and publications.

Apart from these institutes, there were three new IITs and two IISER or Indian Institute of Science Education and Research that have marked their footprints among the top 1,000 universities across the globe.

The editorial director of Global Rankings for THE, Phil Baty, quoted that India has bagged 49 positions this year again proving its competency and worthiness.

He further added “India is gaining acclamation worldwide through its innovation and ambition—the country possesses extreme ability to emerge as a leading player in the platform of global higher education.

He also stated,“ The key factors that are driving India’s global position and bagging success in the field of research involve the sustained investment, a perfect approach to attract the global talent, present reforms of higher education and its strong international outlook.”

Oxford University topped the list of THE for the third consecutive year followed by Cambridge and Stanford University. MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) comes one position up to number four; however, the California Institute of Technology drops two positions down to number five.

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