45 IIT- Roorkee students are reported missing in Himachal Pradesh heavy snowfall

25 Sep, 2018
45 IIT- Roorkee students are reported missing in Himachal Pradesh heavy snowfall

Noida 25th September 2018: 45 IIT- Roorkee students have been abandoned due to adverse weather conditions while trekking in the district of Spiti and Lahaul in Himachal Pradesh.

The father of one of the students, Rajvir Singh, informed the media that the group of students had gone to the Hampta pass to enjoy the experience of trekking. They were supposed to come back to the famous tourist destination of Manal but till the time there is no connect with the group.

The state of Himachal Pradesh has experienced heavy snow and rainfall in various regions like Kullu, Chanba, Kangra etc. As per the reports, five people were killed and various people have faced the injuries due to this nature’s havoc.

There were floods and landslides in Kullu and Kangra distric of Himachal Pradesh. One girl was died in Kullu and one man has become the prey of heavy floods in Kangra. This situation was triggered by heavy rainfall in various parts of the state.

The reports also stated that the schools in Kullu, Hamirpur and Kangra were closed on Tuesday and this step was taken as a precautionary one to save the life of others.

The district administration reported that the heavy rainfall has also increased the level of water in streams and rivers and as an outcome, a rivulet Nahad Khad in Kangra district has swept away a man there.

Not only this, the flow of Beas river has crossed the dangerous level and this has led to the sweeping of various houses in heavy floods. Govind Singh Thakur, Forest Minister, has warned the residents not to go near the rivers until the flood conditions get stable.

The estimated loss of property in Kullu has been calculated as Rs 20 crore. Observing the alarming situation of flood and rainfall in Kullu, the district administration has declared the “high alert”.

BS Negi, district Tourism Development Officer, quoted that the adventurous activities of sports and amusement in Kullu like paragliding etc have been stopped till the situation gets under control.

The officials at Hamirpur, Kullu and Kangra have declared that all the private and government schools and colleges to remain closed on Tuesday.

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