11th November commemorated as National Education Day

12 Nov, 2018
11th November commemorated as National Education Day

NOIDA: In order to pay honour to Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, 11th November has been designated as the National Education Day by Government of India. India’s first Vice President,  Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birth anniversary has already been marked as the Teachers’ day. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was a freedom fighter and India’s first education minister from 1947 to 1958.

During his struggle for the freedom, Maulana published an Urdu weekly journal by the name of Al-Hilal to spread awareness about revolutions against the British rule. He was awarded Bharat Ratna in 1992 for his immortal contribution to the freedom of the country and spreading the significance of education for all.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was a renowned poet & scholar and he was also known for command over multiple languages. Maulana’s real name was Abul Kalam Ghulam Muhiyuddin and he was reckoned as a prominent orator. He was focused towards making the education available at primary level for all the children of up to 14 years of age. Moreover, he was also concerned about the technical education and vocational training of the students.

He stood strong for the education of women in India. In the central assemble in 1949; he addressed the people with throwing light on importance of modern sciences education. He mentioned that educational advancement is not possible until the one-half of the nation i.e. women are being educated.

The renowned literary and cultural societies like Lalit Kala Academy, Sangeet Natak Academy, Indian Council for Cultural Relations as well as the Sahitya Academy have been founded by Maulana while his quest for enhancing the level of education. Under his tenure, Indian education system touched the milestone with the establishment of academic institutions like IIT, IISc, and School of Planning and Architecture.

Maulana was acknowledged as an eminent Urdu, Persian and Arabic scholar in India. He was the man behind the English language retention in India for all-round educational development. It was his firm belief to impart primary level education in mother-tongue only.

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