10 Bike-riders roam 15 cities for a noble cause of girls’ education

01 Nov, 2018
10 Bike-riders roam 15 cities for a noble cause of girls’ education

The riders from different cities have commenced a ride across the country to raise the funds for girls’ education. On their way, they have distributed books, bags, scholarships, etc. to the girl students.

The three riders namely, Col M Sudarshan who began the journey of close to 8,000 km, Bernard Lazar who has started from Kochi and reached Hyderabad on September 21 and Anurag Srivatsav who began from Nagpur for the ride of 1029 km to Delhi.

All three of them have reached Delhi on September 25. From here, they have commenced their fundraiser ride and the other who have joined them in Delhi included Niladri Shah, Harsh Vardhan and Shefali.

The riders have started their journey after distributing the books, bags, writing material to the girl students. They have also given 50 tables, books and bags to the local girl students in Delhi on September 25. Col. Sudarshan stated that the girls possess the aspirations to choose their choice of career where some of them wanted to become pilots. He further said that I have my daughter and joining this ride event was explicitly the proud moment for me.

From Delhi, the team started and reached Jaisalmer through Jodhpur on September 26 where the riders were accompanied by a renowned Hijab Rider, Roshni Misbah and Tulasi from xBHP.

The ride then moved from Jaisalmer and landed on Ahmedabad where the riders have met with the children having disabilities. Col. Sudarshan added, “The stop was quite memorable and the moment was joyous when the children came with us on the bikes. The smile on their faces was the best part that I enjoyed the most.”

This fundraiser ride was started on September 22 and came to an end on October 15 and the riders have visited the places like Surat, Mumbai, Pune, Hubli, Bangalore, Chennai, Vijayawada, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Bodh Gaya and Lucknow in the same order.

As soon as the riders reached Lucknow, they have given 25 bicycles to the girl children so that they can ride to their school.

Sudarshan further shared that the group was also accompanied by the riders from various cities.

He stated, “The maximum number of riders that had joined the group were at Hubli and Dharwad. And all our way from Bengaluru to Hosur we had nearly 70 riders with us.”

He revealed the most thrilling part of the ride stating, “All the way from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata, we had to pass by the cyclone Titli that was on our heels that time. We further rode about 940 km in heavy rainfall which was pretty much challenging.”

Pankaj Gupta, CEO of Polaris India was the one who has given his support for the Wheels of Change campaign which was flagged off from Kochi. Riding daily for almost 120 to 130 km was not easy. Our group also included two women riders. We have finished the golden quadrilateral route in just three weeks and achieved the target of inspiring the girls’ students for education. We have given various education related materials to them throughout our way.

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