Maharashtra Board Exam New Passing Rule

MSBSHSE (Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education) has passed “new passing rule” for the students (SSC & HSC) who are going to apply for academic year 2015-2016. As per MSBSHSE due to introduction of internal marks in some previous year, students had an upper-hand i. e. schools & colleges use to give maximum possible marks to students so that they can pass. But new rule of MSBSHSE explains that students need to score 20% marks in the written examination along with 35% marks in aggregate.

Maharashtra Board Exam New Passing Rule

Earlier i. e. prior 2014-2015 academic year students were supposed to score 35% in aggregate for passing SSC/HSC. It means that if a student score 20 on 20 in internal and score just 15 marks in written examination he would be declared passed. Because of this rule many students passed SSC and HSC easily without availing minimum knowledge of the subject. But now MSBSHSE has changed the rule that if a student wants to pass SSC/HSC he would need to score 35% in aggregate along with 20% in written examination.  So no undue advantages can be taken either from school side and student’s side. This new rule of scoring minimum 20% in written examination was actually modified after negotiation with state government, the actual rule was “minimum 25% in written examination and 35% aggregate”. After all discussions finally the conclusion was “minimum 20% in written examination and 35% aggregate”.

There are expectations of some reduction in no. of students passing HSC and SSC after implementation of this rule

Note: New rule is w. e. f . academic year 2015-2016. 

New rule: MSBSHSE

Before New Rule
Standard of Passing SSC/HSCAggregate: 35% (Internal & Written)
As per New Rule
Standard of Passing SSC/HSCWritten: 20% (mandatory in all subjects)Aggregate: 35% (Overall)

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