NDA Exam Pattern 2019

11 Aug, 2018

NDA Exam Pattern 2019 will be as similar as exam pattern of 2018. Students should go through with Exam pattern properly to understand what type questions are going to be asked in the examination, what is the syllabus and what is the marking scheme of the examination. Candidates who eagerly want to clear the exam should practice last year paper also, it will help them in time management and opting the questions correctly. NDA (National Defence Academy) is an entrance exam conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) twice in a year.  NDA is a gateway for Defence Department of India. It covers Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Airforce. Candidates who eagerly want to join Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force should pursue NDA 2019 exam. NDA 2019 I & II exams will be conducted on 21st April 2019 and 17th November 2019 respectively. Hence, NDA exam pattern 2019 is going to be more useful for the candidates who are going to appear in NDA I. Only exam is not the key to get the entry in Indian Armed forces. A candidate needs to clear the whole process which includes different stages:

  1. Written Examination
  2. SSB interview
  3. Medical Test
  4. Physical Test.

NDA Exam Pattern 2019

NDA Exam Pattern 2019 will be comprised of two parts i.e.

  • Section A – Mathematics
  • Section B – General Ability Test

    Candidate should be good at Mathematics and general ability test. Mathematics may include math upto 10+2 level.  If the concept regarding every topic is clear of the candidate then a candidate can easily clear the mathematics section. General ability includes general English and general knowledge about other subjects.

    • Mathematics – As discussed above there will be the mathematics of class’s up to 10+2 level. It includes the concepts of Venn diagram, matrices, determinants, trigonometric ratios, difference formulae, equations, angle between two lines, equation of circle, composite functions, one to onto, notion of limit, standard limits, inverse function, probability etc.
    Trigonometry Analytical geometry of two or three dimensions
    Algebra Matrices and determinants
    Vector algebra Statistics and probability
     calculus Internal calculus and differential calculus
    Differentiation basics

    There will be basic mathematics also.

    • General Ability Test: As per the NDA exam pattern 2019, it itself compromises of two parts :
    1. English – It includes the basics of grammar and vocabulary, correct sentences and use of words. It also checks the Candidate’s English proficiency. It checks the mental ability of the candidate.
    2. General Knowledge: It will include topics of general science, physics, chemistry, current events, history, freedom movements, geography, etc.
    • General Science Section:
    Solar System Achievements of scientists
    Basics of cell Reproduction of animals and plants
    Living and not living beings Life processes
    Epidemic: prevention and cause Balanced food and diet
    • Physics Section :
    Work, energy and power Electricity and current
    Mode of transfer of heat and its effects Pressure cooker, fuses and its safety, gramophone, telegraph, working of pendulum etc.
    Laws of motion Magnet and its properties
    Matter Light and sound and its properties
    • Chemistry Section:
    Acid, bases and salts Preparation of chemicals
    Physical and chemical changes Properties of oxygen, hydrogen etc with reduction and oxidation
    Chemical equations and chemical combination and it laws Atom and structure
    Elements, mixtures and compounds Fertilizers
    Air and water, its properties Carbon and its form
    • Current Events
    Current affairs Indian as well as outside India
    Indian or non-Indian Personalities related to sports and cultural activates.
    • History Section:
    Democracy  in India From the very beginning
    Five-year plan of India Renaissance and discovery
    Nationalism in India Role of Government at every level
    Revolution (French, Russian and industrial ) Concept of one world and United Nations
    Indian History India’s Constitution and Administration
    • Geography Section :
    Export, Import of India Tides and Oceanic Currents
    Agricultural and Industries Trading and Transportation routes of India
    Rocks Atmosphere and its pressure
    Type of climate Regional geography of India
    Earth, its origin, and movement ( longitude and latitudes )

    Marking Scheme and other Details:

    1. Type of questions: Objective Type
    2. Pattern: The answers will be answered on OMR pattern.
    3. Duration: Two and half hours will be the duration given to solve each code i.e. Code 1 (Mathematics) and Code 2 (General ability test).
    4. Language: Questions will be asked in both English and Hindi Language.
    5. Negative Marking: one – third (0.33) will be deducted for every wrong question.

    Marking Scheme as per NDA Exam Pattern 2019:


    Total Marks 300
    Total questions 120
    Marks awarded for correct answer 2.5
    Marks deducted for incorrect answer -0.85

    General Ability Test:

    Total Marks 600
    Total questions 150
    Questions in English section 50
    Questions in General knowledge 100
    Marks for English 200
    Marks for General knowledge 400
    Marks awarded for every correct answer 4
    Marks deducted for every wrong answer -1.33

     Marking as Total:

    Written Examination 900( 300+600)
    SSB Interview 900
    Total 1800

    How to Prepare for NDA 2019:

    1. Candidate should make a timetable and follow it strictly. The timetable is necessary for time management and to cover every topic properly.
    2. Candidate should buy perfect exam material and also perform the NCERT books. Name of some study materials or books are as follows :
    • Mathematics for NDA and NA by R.S. Aggarwal.
    • Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal.
    1. Make notes for future preference and a quick glance at exam time.
    2. Practice previous year question paper.

    Candidates don’t take the stress and we wish every candidate a very good luck. For further information, stay connected.


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