NCERT Solutions Class 12 Python – Pdf Download

23 Oct, 2018

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Python– Pdf Download- Every student deserves the best quality of education with the utmost accurate solutions following their queries. NCERT has gained momentum in providing the best quality educational assistance to all the school level students without any doubts or queries left on their part. Since its inception NCERT is known as the resource which is the epicenter of all sorts of facilities known as the most student friendly website for the students both in high school and primary level of education, respectively. Board examinations for the 12 standard is the most essential examination for all the students and thus, requires the greatest concentration on the part of all the students appearing for the same. Computer Science is an application based onjective subject which brings to the attention of all the students in all the three streams, Science/Commerce and Arts. Every student from all educational board affiliation expects and thus, deserve the best educational resource for better enhanced futures. The NCERT solutions class 12 Python in the PDF format is to be downloaded by all the students so that the students get an idea of not only the answers to the entire short and long format questions but also the marking scheme distributed accordingly.

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Python- Pdf Download

Serial Number Name of the Chapters Download PDF
1. Review of Python  
2. Object Oriented Programming Concepts  
3. Lists Manipulation and Implementation  
4. Data File Handling  
5. Exception Handling & Generator Function  
6. Database Concepts  
7. Structured Query Language  
8. Boolean Algebra  
9. Network and Open Source Concepts  

Objective of the Python Syllabus Class 12

  1. Networking- 10 marks
  • Learn all abbreviations
  • role of networking devices
  • layouts on the basis of topologies
  • Internet and security.
  1. Boolean Algebra- 8 Marks
  • Learn functioning of all the Basic and derived Gates
  • Learn all Boolean theorems
  • practice writing SOP and POS Boolean expression
  • simplification of K-Map
  • Truth Table.
  1. Database and SQL- 8 marks
  • Learn all terms related to RDBMS
  • framing queries using SELECT
  • GROUP By
  1. Data Structures-14 marks
  • 1D array
  • 2D array
  • Base address calculation
  • Operation on Stack and Queue
  1. Data File Handling- 6 marks
  • Operation of text file
  • reading and updating information from a binary file
  • understanding file pointers
  1. OOP concepts- 12 Marks
  • Accessing members in Inheritance ( multilevel, multiple, Hierarchal)
  • Calculation of bytes
  • order of invocation of constructors
  • Classes and Constructors
  1. Revision of Class XI- 12 marks
  • Call by reference and value
  • Strings and pointers
  • random function
  • Type conversions
  • Scope
  • Header files and inbuilt functions etc.

How to Score in Python Class 12?

There are some really comprehensible steps to follow in order to score in computer science for the current academic year for the students studying in class 12.

  • Plan all the chapters of the subject on the basis of the weightage of the marks and questions asked for the same in the sections of the question paper.
  • Make sure that you are practicing both theory and practical uniformly to get the concepts more clear day by day.
  • Start making your own notes in your own comprehensive and convenient language in order to save time and efforts during the examinations.
  • Regular study saves students during the exam days as the regular basis studies keeps away the fear of facing the tough concepts during the exams.
  • Allocate adequate time to the subject so that you are left with plenty time during the examination for revising all the concepts accordingly.

    All the students studying in class 12 can refer to the above mentioned article, if they have Python or Computer Science as their core subject. The article throws light on the preparation strategies, the online PDF solutions of NCERT, the subject strategies so as to guide the students about the marking scheme, the typology of the questions and also the pattern of writing the answers. Not only does the solution play a large role in answering all the questions, but also opens the minds and thinking strategies of the students to answer any sort of questions they are posed with.


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