NCERT Solutions Class 12 Maths- Pdf Download

23 Oct, 2018

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Maths- Every year millions of students appear in the 12 board examinations for securing the highest scores in the same. Mathematics always gains the impression of being very difficult on the part of the students carrying the subject in their 10+2 in science/ Arts or Commerce stream, respectively. But it has been seen that as a calculative discipline, mathematics gains popularity in being a subject where students can score well and also inculcate the habit of practicing the sums from the concepts taught in their school every day, regularly without any delay. All the private as well as public school prefer and prescribe the usage or refer their students to make a habit of first reading the NCERT books thoroughly before touching into any other reference books for better knowledge of any concept in particular. The NCERT Solutions Class 12 Maths have in it all the solutions of the sums according to the chapter mentioned in the curriculum of the respective books of NCERT based on the specific concepts in total. The students do not need to worry about the sums which leave them confused or dumbstruck, because now in the NCERT solutions have all the answers and also the method in which they are expected to solve the required questions exercise wise for each of the sums included. It does not remain possible on the part of the subject teachers to solve each and every sum in all the exercises in the book, so that is the time when the NCERT solution for class 12 Maths comes into the concern of all the students.

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Maths- Pdf Download

Serial Number Name of the Chapters Download Link
1. Relations and Functions  
2. Inverse Trigonometric Functions  
3. Matrices  
4. Determinants  
5. Continuity and Differentiability  
6. Application of Derivatives  
7. Differential Equations  
8. Integrals  
9. Application of Integrals  
10. Differential Equations  
11. Vector Algebra  
12. Three Dimensional Geometry  
13. Linear Programming  
14. Probability  

Core Concepts of NCERT Solutions Class 12 Maths

  • Relations and Functions
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  • Matrices
  • Determinants
  • Continuity and Differentiability
  • Application of Derivatives
  • Integrals
  • Application of Integrals
  • Differential Equations
  • Vector Algebra
  • Three Dimensional Geometry
  • Linear Programming
  • Probability

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Maths: Objectives of the Chapters in Brief

Relations and Functions

    The chapter deals with aims and objectives of the pair of elements from the two sets and then introduces the relationship between the two elements in the pair. We generally pair two numbers of two separate sets of numbers.


    A matrix is a rectangular arrangement of numbers into rows and columns. There are matrix dimensions which spell the size, the number of rows and columns, hierarchically. It also says about the matrix elements which is simply a matrix entry where each element in a matrix is identified by naming the row and column in which it appears.


    The determinant of a matrix is also recalled as a special number that can be calculated from a square matrix easily. The determinant of a matrix A is denoted det(A), det A, or |A|.The determinant tells us particulars about the matrix that is useful in systems of linear equations, inverse of a matrix, and is useful in calculus, Computer Science, Chemistry, Geometry and more.

    Continuity and Differentiability

    Checking continuity at a given point of time, checking continuity at any point, Checking continuity using LHL and RHL, Algebra of continuous functions, continuity of composite functions, checking if function is differential, finding derivatives of a function by chain rule, finding derivatives through implicit functions, finding derivatives of exponential and logarithm functions, and so on.


    Probability measures how much chance is there for my expected result to happen. Probability = (no. Of favorable outcome)/ (total no. Of outcomes)

    How to Score the best in Class 12 Mathematics?

    There are innumerable techniques that can make the students score the best marks in their stream carrying the Mathematics subject.

    1. Practice brings perfection: Anyone who has opted for mathematics as their subject in the class 12 can easily make use of the practice of all the concepts that are taught in school regularly. It is not possible to accomplish all doubts and queries in school, so the students gear with a lot of homework from the exercises after their teachers explain the concept and make them do one or two sum from each exercise. That time the students can make sure that they go through the NCERT Solutions Class 12 Maths for better understanding of all the concepts.
    2. Building up confidence: All the students are expected to build confidence for the resolving of the sums once they are well familiar with the concepts. The more one practices the sums and knows the way to resolve it, the less will he or she worry about the big day of examinations as they will be fluent with the objectives of solving them precisely.
    3. Practice previous year sample question papers: All the students must make their simple access to the previous year question papers related to the particular subject. The previous 5 to 10 years question papers consist of all types of questions which have a definite chance of getting repeated in the current examinations as well. So, the students practicing the same will get acquainted to the pattern of paper, typology of the questions, marking scheme of the both long and short type of questions in all the sections.
    4. Dedicate adequate time: All the students who are going to appear in the board examinations of the 12th standard are going to receive their best results for their hard work and determination only when they dedicate the maximum time practicing and understanding each and every concept earnestly.

    The above article is based upon defining the NCERT Solutions Class 12 Maths. Not only are the PDF formatted solutions are offered for the students but the steps to prepare along with the objectives of the chapters separately have also been explained well for understanding.


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