NCERT Solutions Class 12 Entrepreneurship – Pdf Download

23 Oct, 2018

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Entrepreneurship– Every year a large number of students from across the country affiliated to several board educational authorities opt for the subject Entrepreneurship, especially under commerce. The newly emerging discipline has been very popular among the students studying the same as it has the capability to instill the interest for management, business, start up or business innovation inside the students studying the same. The article is based completely in introducing all the answers to the students through the NCERT Solutions Class 12 Entrepreneurship forwarded to help them before the exam preparation whenever there is any doubt that strikes them. The topics that the students ought to nurture include, entrepreneurial opportunities, Plentrepreneurial Planning, Enterprise Marketing, Enterprise Growth Strategies, Business Arithmetic, Resource Mobilization, Project Work and others which embrace the “starting something new“ concept in the corporate world for futuristic prospects.

The National Council for Educational Research and Training is an established yet autonomous body which offers academic excellence to all the school students with proper revision and syllabus check according to the changes occurring in the board. Similarly, the NCERT Class 12 Solution Psychology- PDF is forwarded by the NCERT like any other subjects of any other stream unlike commerce to let the students discover answers for all sorts of short and long answer questions present in and out of the textbook published by the NCERT. As all the solutions are not possible to get acquired in the classroom with short periods in groups, that is the time when the NCERT solutions work the most for the students so that they do not lag behind any answer and deal with the difficulty during the examination time.

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Entrepreneurship  – Pdf Download

Serial Number Name of the Chapters Download Links
1. Entrepreneurial Opportunity  
2. Entrepreneurial Planning  
3. Enterprise Marketing  
4. Enterprise Growth Strategies  
5. Business Arithmetic  
6. Resource Mobilization  

Objectives of the Entrepreneurship Course for Class 12

    The subject entrepreneurship is one of the most innovate foundations or disciplines in the commerce stream for the students in the 12th standard, respectively. It has been found that the students who wish to begin with a start up or a brand new business for the welfare and profit motives for one and all affecting from it chooses this subject to restructure the skills for the same. Who does not want to develop with skills and understanding? Entrepreneurship is the one subject which enhances the skills of all the students in management, finance, business and also in discovering new scales of the business or organization in the corporate world.

    Entrepreneurial Opportunities

    • Sensing Entrepreneural Opportunities
    • Environment Scanning
    • Problem Identification
    • Spotting Trends
    • Creativity and Innovation
    • Selecting the Right Opportunity

    Plentrepreneurial Planning

    • Forms of Business Entitites – Soleproprietorship, Joint Stock Company, etc.
    • Business Plan
    • Organisational plan
    • Operational plan and production plan
    • Financial plan
    • Marketing Plan
    • Human Resource Planning
    • Creating the Plan
    • Formalities for starting a business

    Enterprise Marketing

    • Goals of Business; Goal Setting. SMART Goals
    • Marketing and Sales strategy
    • Branding – Business name, logo, tag line
    • Promotion strategy
    • Negotiations – Importance and methods
    • Customer Relations
    • Employee and Vendor Management
    • Business Failure – Reasons

    Enterprise Growth Strategies

    • Franchising
    • Merger and Acquisition
    • Moving up the Value Chain and Value Addition

    Business Arithmetic

    • Unit of Sale, Unit Cost for multiple products or services
    • Break even Analysis for multiple products or services
    • Importance and use of cash flow projections
    • Budgeting and managing the finances
    • Computation of working capital
    • Inventory control and EOQ
    • Return on Investment (ROI) and Return onEquity (ROE)

    Resource Mobilization

    • Angel Investor
    • Venture Capital Funds
    • Stock Market – raising funds
    • Specialized Financial Institutions

    How to Prepare for Class 12 Entrepreneurship?

    • Time management is the prior thing that matters for all the board applicants. Proper and ample time dedicated towards the chapters separately with proper revision time as well.
    • All the students must make their concepts clarified within the time period offered for preparations. The tough chapters must be first and then the easy concepts so that no time is wasted by any of the students.
    • The students are expected to stick to the syllabus prescribed by the board officials and then start with the preparations for the academic year’s final examinations.
    • The last year sample question papers must be mandatorily practiced by all the students as it not only helps them to determine the marking schemes of the questions they ought to answer, but also gives them the knowledge of the typology of the questions as well.
    • Lastly, all the students must get the answer books or can also download the NCERT Solution Class 12 Entrepreneurship from the online portal.


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