NCERT Solutions Class 12 English- PDF download

23 Oct, 2018

The National Council for Educational Research and Training is motivated towards the educational recourse thus, offering all the school studying students the best quality education throughout their academic career. Every year large number students both from the 10th as well as 12th standards appear for the board examinations and qualify with brilliant marks studying from the various educational boards which follow NCERT, respectively. The board examinations for 12th standards refer to the most crucial board examination on the part of every student’s life which needs to be cracked with full determination and patience following its way. Every school whether private or public are advised to prescribe the NCERT books for their students at all standards as it carries the most student friendly concepts and explanations regarding all the concepts and chapters of the subjects ranging from one stream to another, specifically. The books hold questions which are not possible for the teachers in the school to resolve. They explain the concepts and expect the students to come up with queries asked within the school duration hours. The solutions of the questions are necessary as the students need to have a clarified set of answers which help them prepare with their utmost capability for the big day. So, this is the reason why the NCERT Solutions Class 12 English becomes necessary to get introduced to all the answers to the set questions in the NCERT textbooks published for the students.

NCERT Solutions Class 12 English: Why is it Considered Essential?

There are some very simple reasons as to why the NCERT Solutions hold earnest importance in the life of a board applicant.

  1. The NCERT solutions refer to the answers to all the short and long answer questions by broadening the thinking capacity of the students.
  2. The solutions offered by the NCERT are helpful for the board applicants as it gives them a broad idea of the marking scheme, the typology of questions, and the type of answers written for the same.
  3. Emphasize the understanding of the students concerning the concepts of the NCERT questions and concepts related to the whole chapters.
  4. The solutions also determine the scores one gets after writing the answers. The students can also write their answers all by themselves and then check if they are correct.
  5. The NCERT books are regarded as student friendly and thus, suits all the demands and aspirations of the board applicants covering the whole syllabus in total.

NCERT Solutions Class 12 English Flamingo: Download PDF

Serial Number Name of the Chapters Download Link
1. a Roadside Stand  
2. A Thing of Beauty  
3. An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum  
4. Deep Water  
5. Going Places  
6. Indigo  
7. Keeping Quiet  
8. Lost Spring  
9. My Mother at Sixty-Six  
10. Poets and Pancakes  
11. The Interview  
12. The Last Lesson  
13. The Rattrap  

NCERT Solutions Class 12 English Vistas: Download PDF

Serial Number Name of the Chapters Download Link
1. Evans Tries an O-Level  
2. Journey to the End of the Earth  
3. Memories of Childhood  
4. On the Face of It  
5. Should Wizard Hit Mommy  
6. The Enemy  
7. The Tiger King  
8. Third Level  

How to Prepare for the English Class 12 to score the best?

  1. English demands consistent flow of the answer one is eager to impart in the answers. All the students must make sure that they maintain the constant hierarchy of the answer asked in the question. Diverting from the basic motive of the answer can make you lose marks.
  2. All the students are expected to maintain a comprehensible handwriting so that the examiner gets trace of all the answers written. The answers must be lucid so that the teachers catch what you are trying to impart and depict.
  3. There are both short answer questions and long answer questions. The extracts from the texts or poems are given where the students are expected to write what they actually understood in the simplest manner so as not to make it lengthy.
  4. The answers for both short and long questions must be maintained according to the marks expected for each. Literature demands long answer, but pulling the back and forth of the same concept again and again decides the wastage of time and delivers lowest productivity as well.

    The article above has mentioned about the NCERT solutions class 12 English for the academic year 2018-19. All the board applicants are expected to make sure that they go through the PDF format solution links provided for all the questions in the NCERT books.


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