NCERT Solutions Class 12 Business Studies- Pdf Download

23 Oct, 2018

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Business Studies– All the Commerce students affiliated to several educational boards have Business Studies as their core subject in 10+2 standard. The subject is all about gathering the attention of the students in the Business Environment, Business organization management, controlling and operating, consumer protection, financial market, Entrepreneurship Development, and other topics concerning the Business Body and its entitlements and organs. There are a totality of 13 chapters which are devoted towards making the students learn the grassroots level of Commercial points cum Business development and management. Business Studies is completely based upon theoretical concepts and definitions which need proper notes, understanding and also regular self-study on the part of the students so as not to miss out anything in proper. The students of Commerce ought to hold their interests in the same so as to come up with excellent scores for the same at the end of the year in the board examination. The subject is very important for all he students related to the subject as they teach the students to become confident, competent, intelligent and achieve their goal with determination. The article will surely help the students to get the guidance of the solutions to all the NCERT questions for class 12, respectively.

NCERT is an autonomous body which is significant and central to the life of all the school standard students. NCERT ( National Council for Educational Research and Traning) is motivated towards purely gifting established futures with roper study methods, published books according to the syllabus prescribed by the board officials and also guiding the stduents the proper ways to gather brilliant scores in the examinations, respectively. Since its inception, the students have gained NCERT books and its solutions as the key to al their questions apart from the general questions solved insiode the walls of their classrooms. NCERT has not only proven itself as student friendly, but also have gained popularity in publishing answers or solutions to all the short and long question answers with proper explanations, respectively.

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Business Studies- Pdf Download

Serial Number Name of Chapters Download PDF
1. Nature and Significance of Management  
2. Principles of Management  
3. Business Environment  
4. Planning  
5. Organising  
6. Staffing  
7. Directing  
8. Controlling  
9. Financial Management  
10. Financial Markets  
11. Marketing  
12. Consumer Protection  
13. Entrepreneurship Development  

    Nature and Significance of Management

    • Meaning of management
    • effectiveness
    • efficiency and features of managment
    • Functions of managment – Planing, organising, staffing, directing and controlling
    • Objective of managment – Survival, profitability, grouth, production with reasonable rates, generating employment, healthy working condition and meeting the financial needs
    • Levels of Management – Top, middle and lower level management

    Principles of Management

    • Principles of management – Division of work, authority & responsibility
    • discipline and unity of command
    • Unity of direction
    • subordination of individual interest to general interest
    • remuneration of employees
    • centralisation & decentralisation
    • scalar chain
    • order
    • equity
    • stability of personnel and initiative
    • Scientific management – principle and techniques
    • Fatique, method, time and motion study
    • Profitability
    • Productive Efficiency
    • Growth
    • Technological Dynamism
    • Stability
    • Self Reliance
    • Survival
    • Competitive Strength
    • Customer Service
    • Financial Solvency
    • Product Quality
    • Diversification
    • Employee Satisfaction andWelfare
    • Business issociety organof economic expansion, growth, and change

    How to Score in Business Studies Class 12?

    1. Make sure that you prepare a proper study plan according to the syllabus designed and prescribed by the board officials.
    2. All the chapters are interconnected to one another in the NCERT books and the solutions for the same are mentioned as well as explained comprehensively.
    3. If the students of Commerce seek out to join corporate firms and hold on to managerial posts bin future, then they must get the roots of Business management clearly.
    4. The board examinations are very important for the students because it forms the basic structure for the entrepreneurship, management and business operation.
    5. There are a lot of questions in the NCERT books that the students seek answers for. This is when the NCERT solution class 12 Business Studies become relevant for the students.
    6. The students must make sure that they keep their conceptions for all the terms and definitions completely clear for successfully qualifying the class 12 board examinations.


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