NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Biology Solutions- Pdf Download

22 Oct, 2018

NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Biology Solutions– Biology is a scoring subject in the science stream for the students if memorized in a well-interpreted manner. All the students studying in class 12 have to score well in biology along with the other subjects even if they do not opt for medical in future. Moreover, the students who aim to crack the NEET examinations to qualify in future as a doctor, they ought to score the maximum by focusing on the subject as it has both the concepts of zoology and botany uniformly. With the advance advent of technology, the access of the students to the various academic facilities have become easy. Similarly, with the availability of the NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Biology Solutions- Pdf Download, respectively the students can not only get the answers of the NCERT textbook questions (both long and short answer questions) but also gain other benefits like, idea of the marking structure, the idea of writing answer according to the typology, and also enhance the analytical as well as the critical thinking and comprehensive skills as well. The following article is completely based upon the explanation of how to prepare for biology, the online downloading PDF of the NCERT biology class 12 exemplar answers and also the syllabus of the same for the class 12 students in the science stream.

NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Biology Solutions- Pdf Download

Serial Number Name of the Chapters Download PDF
1. Reproduction in Organism  
2. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants  
3. Human Reproduction  
4. Reproductive Health  
5. Principles of Inheritance and Variation  
6. Molecular Basis of Inheritance  
7. Evolution  
8. Human Health and Disease  
9. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production  
10. Microbes in Human Welfare  
11. Biotechnology: Principles and Processes  
12. Biotechnology and its Applications  
13. Organisms and Populations  
14. Ecosystem  
15. Biodiversity and Conservation  
16. Environmental Issues  

If you are ready with the NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Biology Solutions- Pdf Download, then now you should make sure that you write the answers on your own and then check if you have made any mistake. If yes, then make sure that you improvise on the same matter so as not to repeat the same in future. If no, then make sure you are not exceeding the word limit than the scores that are prescribed or set for a particular short or long answer question, respectively. The solution or exemplar books act as the biggest assistance to the students not because they are question books, but they are the key to all the possible questions that have and may again repeat in the future or current academic session examinations as well. Once you are fluent with the same, you need not worry about anything else.

Why is NCERT preferred over any other?

    NCERT stands for the National Council for the Educational Research and Training which is an independent and authoritative body responsible for the imparting of the best quality education through publishing the best quality books related to all the subjects in senior secondary as well as lower sections as well. It has been observed with keen analysis that all the schools and students, in particular, prefer the reference published by the NCERT as it is student-friendly, written in lucid language, related to the revised syllabus, and also related to the concerns and convenience of the student’s understanding capacity.


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