MHT CET 2018 Syllabus – MHT CET will be directed by Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Maharashtra. MHT CET Syllabus will be included topics from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

It will be easier if the candidate knows about their syllabus topic. The preparation for MHT CET 2018 will be a bit easier if the candidate knows about syllabus topic.

Each candidate is advised to get to know about MHT CET 2018 syllabus and it’ll be better if they are studying each topic thoroughly. The MHT CET 2018 syllabus will be based on 11th and 12th standard (Science Stream) of Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education.

Here we have given the entire subject wise analysis of MHT CET 2018 syllabus.

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For all the information regarding MHT CET 2018 syllabus, read on.

MHT CET 2018 exam will be held in May 2018. Candidates can easily attend the exam on the given date if they have thoroughly referred the MHT CET 2018 syllabus. The application form for MHT CET 2018 was available from March of 2018.

MHT CET 2018 Syllabus – Importance

As there are many candidates are preparing for MHT CET 2018, the syllabus of MHT CET 2018 has got much importance in the scenario. Here we have included some points regarding the importance of MHT CET 2018.

  • All the applicants find that they can easily prepare for MHT CET 2018 by checking the syllabus of MHT CET 2018.
  • By checking the syllabus candidates can study in detail all the subjects by dividing it into important topics and chapters.
  • Candidates can easily solve sample papers by reacting appropriately to the syllabus of MHT CET 2018.

MHT CET 2018 – Syllabus According to Subject

Here we have provided the complete syllabus for MHT CET 2018. We have provided the syllabus of MHT CET 2018 subject wise. All the topics regarding Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics have listed below with links to reference.

These links contain all detailed chapters. Candidates will find that it is easy to prepare for MHT CET 2018 after going through this article.

MHT CET 2018 Syllabus – Physics

S. No
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Standard XI

®     Measurements.

®     Scalars and Vectors.

®     Projectile Motion.

®     Force.

®     Friction in Solids and Liquids.

®     Sound Waves.

®     Thermal Properties of Matter.

®     Refraction of Light

®     Ray Optics.

®     Electrostatics.

®     Current Electricity.

®     Magnetic Effect of Electric Current.

®     Magnetism.

®     Electromagnetic Waves.

Standard XII

®      Circular Motion.

®      Gravitation.

®      Rotational Motion.

®      Oscillations.

®      Elasticity.

®      Surface Tension.

®      Wave Motion.

®      Stationary Waves.

®      Kinetic Theory of Gases and Radiation.

®      Wave Theory of Light.

®      Interference and Diffraction.

®      Electrostatics.

®      Current Electricity.

®      Magnetic Effects of Electric Current.

®      Magnetism.

®      Electromagnetic Inductions.

®      Electrons and Photons.

®      Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei.

®      Semiconductors.

®      Communication Systems.

MHT CET 2018 Physics Syllabus.

 (Link will be updated soon)

MHT CET 2018 Syllabus – Mathematics

S. No
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1 Standard XI

®      Measurement of Angles.

®      Trigonometric Functions.

®      Trigonometric Functions of Compound Angles.

®      Factorization Formulae.

®      Locus.

®      Straight Line.

®      Circle and Conics.

®      Vectors.

®      Linear Inequations.

®      Determinants.

®      Matrices.

®      Sets, Relations and Functions.

®      Logarithms.

®      Complex Numbers.

®      Sequences & Series.

®      Permutations & Combinations.

®      Mathematical Induction and Binomial Theorem.

®      Limits.

®      Differentiation.

®      Integration.

®      Statistics.

®      Probability.


Standard XII

®      Mathematical Logic Statements.

®      Matrices.

®      Trigonometric Functions.

®      The pair of Straight Lines.

®      Circle.

®      Conics.

®      Vectors.

®      Three Dimensional Geometry.

®      Line.

®      Plane.

®      Linear Programming Problems.

®      Continuity.

®      Differentiation.

®      Applications of Derivative.

®      Integration.

®      Applications of Definite Integral.

®      Differential Equation.

®      Statistics.

®      Probability Distribution.

®      Bernoulli Trials and Binomial Distribution.


MHT CET 2018 Mathematics Syllabus.

(Link will be updated soon)


MHT CET 2018 Syllabus – Chemistry

S. No
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1 Standard XI

®      Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

®      States of Matter: Gases and Liquids

®      Structure of Atom

®      Periodic Table

®      Redox Reactions

®      Chemical Equilibrium

®      Surface Chemistry

®      Nature of Chemistry Bond

®      Hydrogen

®      s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals) Group 1 and Group 2 Elements

®      p-Block Elements

®      Basic Principles and Techniques in Organic Chemistry

®      Alkenes

®      Alkynes

®      Aromatic Compounds

®      Environmental Chemistry


Standard XII

®      Solid State.

®      Solutions and Colligative Properties.

®      Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetic.

®      Electro-chemistry.

®      Chemical Kinetics.

®      General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements.

®      P-Block elements Group 15 elements.

®      D and f Block Elements d-Block Elements.

®      Coordination Compounds.

®      Halogen Derivatives of Alkanes (and arenas).

®      Alcohols, Phenols and Ether Alcohol.

®      Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids.

®      Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen.

®      Biomolecules Carbohydrates.

®      Polymers.

®      Chemistry in Everyday Life.


MHT CET 2018 Chemistry Syllabus.

(Link will be updated soon)

(Candidates must notice that this article is based on last year’s information, as because this year’s information has not yet published by officials.)

We hope that all the information given on this page about MHT CET 2018 syllabus will be very useful for you. Stay with us for more information regarding MHT CET 2018 syllabus.


Best of luck!


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