MHT CET 2018 Medical Preparation Tips

16 Apr, 2018

In this article, you will get some really helpful MHT CET 2018 Medical Preparation Tips such as recommended books for MHT CET Medical Exam, Quick Tips and other latest updates related to this exam.


For most youngsters, the term Medical Entrance Exam is equivalent to that of the “boogeyman” especially those who are trying out their luck in their first attempt of clearing the All India Medical Entrance especially MH-CET.

    It’s not easy, of course, it isn’t, studying itself is a boring task that we would most likely try to avoid but eventually, we accept the fact that sitting for competitive examinations is more or less a regular feature in any students life.

    There is mostly cut-throat competition that goes on and the tougher it gets, the more the stress level escalate for most students.

    MHT CET 2018 Medical Preparation Tips

    Given below are a few to-dos that will help ease the stress away and escalate confidence.

    Time Management:

    This has always been majorly stressed on right from our childhood but most people still don’t really get what the whole essence of the term means. The key right here isn’t to prioritize whats on your schedule but instead to schedule your priorities. Time management can be considered as the most crucial aspect of students in any stream but especially for those students who belong to the Medical Field as every second of their day matters. You need to plan your day as per your priorities and maintain a diary or a notepad in order to avoid forgetting anything vital.

    Steer away from shortcuts:

    The medical field is not a field of shortcuts or popularly called “precise notes” as keep in mind that during the preparation for the All India Medical Entrances you are actually preparing to handle the lives of others and to get that done on the point you will have to get your basics right. As per some seasoned campaigners, advice its also beneficial to revise the NCERT textbooks of all the three Medical subjects as it will aid in the grasping of the basics more precisely.

    Utilize the past to the fullest:

    The past here stands for the previous years test papers. Typically there isn’t any radical change annually in the paper pattern of the Medical entrance exam papers which is the reason you will gain a greater understanding of the paper pattern by continuously solving earlier papers. It’s also advisable to consult the experts in order to understand the yearly changing trends of the problems.

    Face your fears:

    Your fear for the examination is the biggest obstacle between you and your success. The best way to perfect yourself if to face your fear. Keep practising the topics that scare you till you become the master of those topics. The first step towards this endeavour is the toughest one, the rest of them will be covered effortlessly!

    Keep a break from your anxiety:

    Most of the aspirants’ dreams are washed away by their anxiety. Replace your anxiety with curiosity and channelize your excitement in a positive direction. If possible, meditate whenever you get anxiety attacks. This will help you eradicate the nervousness from your mind and you’ll be able to focus much clearly.

    MHT CET 2018 Medical Exam Quick Tips

    • You should be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.
    • Knowing what you do right and what you do not so right will help you concentrate on what you need to correct to get everything right.
    • Plan your MHT CET Medical preparation before you actually start the preparation. You have to know how many hours per day you will be able to dedicate towards preparing for MHT CET.
    • Make it a point to know your syllabus properly so that when you are planning your daily study timetable you will know which chapters to concentrate on and for how long.
    • Practice does make man perfect so your plan has to be practice till you become perfect.
    • The goal of your study plan should not be only to cover the whole syllabus, it should be to succeed in the MHT CET with flying colours.
    • You should understand the MHT CET exam format well so that you know how to study for the exam.
    • There is no point in learning by heart pages & pages when the concept of the exam does not require it.
    • Make sure you register yourself well in advance on the official sites so that you get all the latest notifications regarding the exam.
    • All work and no play is the bad thing as elders have said. Scientifically also it has been proven that working for long hours without appropriate breaks will add to stress levels and compromise performance.
    • Your study plan has to include short breaks to do something you enjoy. Plan your study including family functions and festivals.
    • If you are doing last minute studies then do not start learning which you are not familiar with.
    • It is advisable to be perfect at something you know rather than waste time in trying to understand something new.
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