Mechanical Engineering Course in India


Mechanical Engineering (ME) based on the term “Mechanism”. The Mechanism is all about the idea on which the law of material science, physics, environment condition and mathematics are concerned in the production, design, manufacturing and maintenance.

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest & vast disciplines of engineering.

If you are fascinated by functions, machinery, material science, robotics, microdevices, weapons design, watercraft,  aircraft and their development, then mechanical engineering is the best choice to prove your skill & interest.

Mechanical engineering includes much other variety of engineering fields like civil engineering, electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering and metallurgical engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Course Duration

You can opt for the mechanical engineering, once you have cleared your secondary or Sr. Secondary examination.

The academic criterion of Mechanical Engineering is divided into three courses/programmes as follows:

  1. Diploma courses leading to the polytechnic diploma of 3 years
  2. UG courses leading to the Tech (Bachelor of Technology) degree of 4 years duration.
  3. PG courses leading to the Tech (Master of Technology) degree of 2 years duration.

After completing 10th standard, you would only be eligible to enter the diploma courses. Once you have completed the 12th standard you are fully eligible to select the UG (B.Tech) program.

In order to enter in Mechanical Engineering, either in UG or diploma,  physics and maths are mandatory.

For entering in PG (M.Tech) program, B.Tech in mechanical engineering is compulsory.

Jobs & Career in Mechanical Engineering

After completing the course in mechanical engineering, a number of opportunities are there in various fields of production, manufacturing, services and development.

Many industries Abroad and in India are hiring engineers.

Your job title would be

  • Acoustics engineer
  • Automotive engineer
  • Building systems engineer
  • Chief mechanical engineer
  • Cryogenics Engineer
  • Design engineer – mechanical
  • Heating specialist engineer
  • Lubrication Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Mould design engineer
  • Nuclear engineer
  • Power plant engineer
  • Robotics engineer
  • Thermal power engineer
  • Tool Engineer
  • Tribologist

Salary range in Mechanical Engineering Field

In India, a student who has finished the degree in Mechanical Engineering can get a starting salary from 5 lakh per annum up to 20+ lakh per annum.

Salary is not a matter for the right candidates.

Books and Study Material

There are a rich number of books, article, journals, and titles available for Mechanical Engineering.

The top recommended books on Mechanical Engineering are as follows.

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  • Concepts in Electric CircuitsDr Wasif Naeem

    Automation and RoboticsMiltiadis A. Boboulos

    Essential Engineering MathematicsMichael Batty

    Mechanics of Solids and FractureHo Sung Kim

    Control Engineering Problems with SolutionsDerek P. Atherton

    Engineering Fluid MechanicsT. Al-Shemmeri

    Control EngineeringDerek P. Atherton

    Manufacturing Processes and Materials: ExercisesMiltiadis A Boboulos

    A First Course in Fluid Mechanics for EngineersBuddhi N. Hewakandamby

    Heat TransferChris Long; Naser Sayma

    CAD-CAM & Rapid prototyping Application EvaluationMiltiadis A. Boboulos

    Introduction to Mechanics of Materials: Part IIRoland Jančo; Branislav Hučko

    Engineering Thermodynamics Solutions ManualProf. T.T. Al-Shemmeri

    HydrocarbonsDr Clifford Jones

    Fluid Mechanics and the Theory of FlightR.S. Johnson

    A First Course on AerodynamicsArnab Roy

    Chemical Thermodynamics – Leo Lue

    Computational Fluid DynamicsAbdul Naser Sayma

    Introduction to Polymer Science and TechnologyMustafa Akay

    Momentum, Heat, and Mass TransferLeo Lue

    Theory of waves in materialsJeremiah Rushchitsky


    Mechanical engineering is a broad field of technical education. Mechanical Engineering is divided in various specialisations.

    It has the following specialised academic programmes leading to the M.Tech degree and PhD research field.

    • Mechanics
    • Mechatronics and robotics
    • Structural analysis
    • Thermodynamics and thermo-science
    • Design and Drafting
    • Micro electro- mechanical systems (MEMS)
    • Friction stir welding (FSW)
    • Composites
    • Mechatronics
    • Nanotechnology
    • Finite element analysis
    • Biomechanics
    • Computational fluid dynamics
    • Acoustical engineering



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