MAT 2015 Preparation Tips

25 Jul, 2017

In this article you will get some really helpful MAT 2015 Preparation Tips such as recommended books for MAT Exam, Quick Tips and other latest updates related to this exam. MAT or the Management Aptitude test is conducted four times a year via the Centre for Management Services which is a unit of the All India Management Association and the results of this state level test are considered for admission in various B-schools across India for management courses. The examination consists of five papers comprising of objective type questions with multiple-choice answer.

Given below are a few tips to crack your MAT exam

Plan your time well:

Make a study routine in which you allitt time for each subject thus systematically studying each subject instead of juggling between many which will relult in disruption of concentration and reduce outputs

Solve sample question papers on mathematics:

Sample question papers gives an idea about the topics, the standard expected, and the skills required. Practice and solve problems extensively. Apply conventional methods first, but as the material becomes familiar to you, start applying short-cuts to improve speed. Memorise tables, common cube roots and square roots, conversions from percent to fraction, and vice-versa to enhance speed while maintaining accuracy.

Read various articles:

The more you read various articles the more it will aid in the comprehension section and help you acquire speed and precision which are two key skills that are imperative to ace this section.

Practice regularly:

The sections on Data Analysis & Sufficiency and Intelligence & Critical Reasoning may be new to you. These are more tricky than difficult. Go through the sample papers carefully and makes notes of the quirks involved. Regular practice will make you more familiar with the subjects and help to quickly interpret and solve problems.

Brush up your general awareness:

The Indian and Global Environment section tests your general awareness thus its advised to Extensively follow the news dailies and magazines, watch news channels and browse the Internet to keep updated with the current affairs related to different national and international avenues and also solve as many papers as possible.

Enhance your speed and accuracy:

First, solve papers subject-wise, maintaining stipulated time-limit. Thereafter, solve an entire model paper or a previous paper to see if you can finish in time. Although speed is an important aspect, accuracy is paramount. Extensive practice helps you achieve both.

Crash courses:

Enrolling in a good institute for preparation of MAT is beneficial. The institutes help to get acquainted with the format of the exam and also conduct regular tests. Group discussions help to develop speaking prowess and also provides useful information. But more than anything else, the competitive atmosphere of an institute will motivate you to improve yourself.

Be confident:

Nervousness can spoil your preparation. Be confident and stay calm and composed so that you can solve the paper efficiently.

Time management:

Glance at the paper for five minutes before starting off. Solve the easier ones first and then move on to the more difficult ones. Do not waste time on a question if you get stuck. Read the questions carefully to avoid misinterpretation. Re-check the paper before submitting.

Focus on basics:

This is very essential that you must have clear all your basic concepts. To right start your preparation and clear your basic concepts you can consult Class 10th and Class 12th textbooks and other study materials. Lear as many formulas and basic concepts as you can and practice them to get well versed.

Improve Vocabulary and English:

Give special attention to your Vocabulary and English. Read different newspapers, magazines. Watch different news channels to learn the usage of words.

Improve reasoning & analytical skills:

To score good in this exam it is necessary that you improve your reasoning and analytical skills. It will help you to score high in this exam.

Work on speed and accuracy:

To score high you should concentrate on your speed and accuracy. This will help you to score high and perform better in the exam. The speed and accuracy enhance your performance in exam. If you know how many questions you need to attempt in particular section and know the time limit as well, it will help you to complete this section with the given time. So on exam day you will be able to complete your paper on time.


This is very necessary and mandatory thing for preparation. Once you are through with concepts and have prepared of each and every concept, start revising them. Revise the concepts as many times as you can as it will brush up your concepts. A quick revision is always good to score high.

Attempt last 5 years papers:

It will give your clear idea about the repetitive questions asked every year or kind of similar questions asked in last five years as in every exam, there are same set of questions, which are asked every year, so you can prepare them well to score full marks.

Hope this helped you stress abit less on your upcoming MAT examination..happy exams! 🙂


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