Mass Communication Course in India

20 May, 2017

Mass Communication Course in India – Mass Communication is the study of how the information associated to individual and entities, communicate or transfer to the whole world at the same time. The information is usually spread using the books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites, radio, film and television. There is a speedy growth in the mass communication industry in the previous 10 years, with more and more news channels and media houses coming in to picture each year. Mass communication is in fact, communicating those information that is not recognized to people around the globe, and thus to make information obtainable to everyone, by using the latest technological stage, in the form of websites, blogs and television.


If writing is your pastime, and you can present the things in an successful manner, if you love to take challenges, if you have got outstanding communication skills, then a career in mass communication is waiting for you. Mass communication is one of the commonly rising career fields with more and more students opting this as their higher career option.

Mass Communication Course Details

If you are looking for a career in mass communication, then you should pass your class 12th with any authority, but should be having outstanding communication skills. After the conclusion of the class 12th you can go for the following courses:

  1. Diploma Courses (1 yr.)
  2. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (3 yr)
  3. Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (2 yr)
  4. Post graduate diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (1 yr)

Eligibility to apply for Mass Communication Course

The candidate who is searching for a career in mass communication, should pass their senior secondary examination and have superior communication skills. The admission to the a variety of courses is done on the basis of marks scored in the qualifying examinations. Some universities and college admit students on the basis of marks in class 12th followed by interview.

Career and Jobs after Mass Communication Course

After finishing the course, there is a enormous demand from the TV shows, news channels, magazines, and a variety of publishing firms and online news portals. The candidate can even work as a freelancer and work for many companies. The job profile in this field may depend upon the company in which you are working and your total experience. If you have great writing skills and outstanding command on the language, if you can play with the words, then this career can get you to the huge height.


Salary Income after Mass Communication Course

The salary in this profession depends on your experience and skills; you can start your career as a journalist or news reporter, the salary in this period would be Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000. After some experience, you can work as an editor or an anchor, the salary in this profile would be around Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. If you have got adequate expertise and experience in a particular field then you can easily make a six figure income.




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