Maharashtra HSC Exam Preparation Books

14 Aug, 2018
Maharashtra HSC Exam Preparation Books

Maharashtra HSC Exam Preparation Books- Books during the board or any other important examinations must choose with proper consultation with the subject experts as well as the ones who have already passed off the examinations. Books are the navigation to the attainment of excellent scores for all the students appearing the same. The best books for any board examination remains the textbooks prescribed by the particular exam conducting board like that of the Maharashtra Board. The respective schools, both public and private that are affiliated to the Maharashtra Board for sure carry on the responsibility of prescribing and then distributing the suitable or convenient textbooks that are necessary for them, on the same note. The wrong books may always turn the syllabus upside down and put the incorrect impact on the part of the students. Similarly, the HSC examinations also require different books for the three streams for all the students affiliated with the board. The article is motivated towards guiding all the students about the choice of the right books for their precious preparations of the HSC board examinations.

Maharashtra HSC Exam Preparation Books

The most important books have been given below for the reference of the students who can make sure that they order online or purchase the same offline.

  • 12th English Yuvakbharati Notes
  • 11th Perfect Physics Notes, Science
  • 12th Uttam Biology Papers
  • 10 Last Year’s Solved Papers (HSC) – Science: Maharashtra Board Class 12 for 2019 Examination
  • 11th Computer Science for F.Y.J.C. Bifocal Computer Science (Paper 1 & 2)
  • TPS Information Technology Online (Science) for Std. 12th

Maharashtra HSC Exam Preparation Tips to Score the Best

    Time Management: Time waits for none. None of the students must lag behind time and thus, make sure that they are keeping a knack with the allocation of proper and adequate time to each and every subject immensely so that they do not lag behind time for preparation at the end of the academic year at the commencement of the exam.

    Book Choices: The books are the preeminent source for the students to prepare for the examination. If the best suitable books are not chosen by all the students, then there is a great chance that the students may miss out on topics, prepare wrong answers or is not well aware of the marking schemes of the answers.

    Sample Questions: The students must make sure that they are more and more in the process of practicing and preparing the sample question papers regarding the same subjects included in the syllabus. The question makes the students grasp the idea of the pattern of questions and also write the proper answer against what is asked.

    Self Study: Self-study is the most important factor how the students score well. Regular study after arriving from schools, college and tuitions must be carried on. This is because; the students get familiar with one answer again and again. Revision is very necessary on the part of all the students and this is because the students understand each of the concepts easily than before.

    Concise Answers: All the answers that are written by the students must be written in points so that they acquire the maximum marks or scores for the same. The answers must be written according to the marking scheme set for each of the questions, be it literature or objective depending on the subjects. The long questions are especially for 5 marks and the short answer type questions are for 3-4 marks, respectively.

    All the students aim to perform really well in the 10th as well as 12th board examinations and thus, they must make sure that they refer to the above article or count on the official website of the Maharashtra Board for gathering more knowledge about the preferable books for SSC and HSC examinations as well.


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