LPU NEST 2017 Syllabus will consist with the syllabus of Class 11th and Class 12th. The Lovely Professional University National Eligibility and Scholarship Test (LPU NEST) is a University level examination conducted by the Lovely Professional University. This examination is held to provide admission to the candidates in engineering courses in various disciplines. Here in this article, we will provide you with the best detailed information on LPU NEST 2017 Syllabus.


LPU NEST 2017 Syllabus

LPU NEST 2017 Syllabus will contain the portion of Class 11th and Class 12th. LPU NEST 2017 entrance examination will be conducted in the month of April 2017and hence all the candidates appearing for the exams are advised to keep revising their textbooks. The University have provided the LPU NEST 2017 Syllabus for the entrance exam so the candidates who are appearing for the test can be an ease and make the maximum use of it.

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It is advisable to the candidate to make a note and highlight the important topics, subtopics, formulas and method for the better preparations. The complete details of LPU NEST 2017 Syllabus are available for the subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology and English. We will provide you with the whole LPU NEST 2017 Syllabus in PDF format here in this article so that you can view and save/download the PDF format syllabus.


LPU NEST 2017 Syllabus Subject Table

The table given below will show the subjects for LPU NEST 2017 and it Units. Candidates can make a note for the important topics:

Physics Chemistry Biology Mathematics
UNIT 1: Motion UNIT 1: Atomic Structure, States of Matter & Thermodynamics Unit 1: Diversity & Structural Organization UNIT 1: Algebra
UNIT 2: Kinematics, Gravitation & Oscillations UNIT 2: Solutions, Chemical Kinetics & Surface Chemistry Unit 2: Plant Physiology UNIT 2: Matrices, Vectors & Reasoning
UNIT 3: Thermal Physics UNIT 3: Hydrogen & s – Block Element Unit 3: Human Physiology UNIT 3: Permutation-Combinations & Binomial Theorem
UNIT 4: Electricity & Magnetism UNIT 4: p, d & f block Elements and Environmental Chemistry Unit 4: Reproduction, Genetics, and Evolution UNIT 4: Limit, Integration & Differentiation
UNIT 5: Atomic Structure & Optics UNIT 5: Basic Concepts of Organic Chemistry UNIT 5: Geometry
UNIT 6: Electrical & Electronics UNIT 6: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Polymers & Biomolecules UNIT 6: Probability & Trigonometry


Please Note – All the candidate can get the full (100%) syllabus of LPU NEST 2017 examination for the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and English here.

Preparation Tips

  • Candidates must follow the LPU NEST 2017 Exam Pattern in order to prepare well for the exam and get hold of the structure of the question paper.
  • Making a suitable time table is important as it will help in managing the time and not miss any of the topics related to the entrance test.
  • Candidates must keep a note on all the important topics and formulas mentioned in LPU NEST 2017 Syllabus. It will benefit them during the revision time.
  • Candidates can also practice from the LPU NEST 2017 Sample Papers as it will be easier to know about the marking scheme, type of questions of the original question paper.


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