Things to keep in mind while CLAT 2019 Preparation

14 Nov, 2018
Things to keep in mind while CLAT 2019 Preparation

Things to keep in mind while CLAT 2019 Preparation – CLAT 2019 is being organized by NUALS for offering admission into several undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by several law colleges situated across the country. Please remember that if you wish to do well in the exam then you must focus on shrewd study practices. That is the simple way to get success in any entrance test. So the aspirants must follow the schedule and pattern as specified in the right way.

  • Revision: Try to reread as much as you can as this is the crucial point to score well in CLAT 2019. Do not try to start new topics next to GK at this time. This will only confuse you and affect your level of confidence. Do not think, the more you read, the more you know. Try to keep what you read before.Now it all depends on the revision; Picking up new topics for the study is no use. You will lose things that you know at this time. So, stay tuned to the topics that you have prepared and revised. Set a time frame for the time you have left in your hands, and at that moment, revise more important things such as math, legal reasoning, logical reasoning, and possibly when the time is up then general knowledge and English.
  • Visualize the Stories: Develop the habit of “visualizing” and “customizing” any event you encounter in the “News Story” format. Create your own notes that contain 2-3 bullet news and stories. So prepare yourself for the core news and peripherals. In addition to “obvious” knowledge, you would have acquired “not so obvious” knowledge about an event. This will turn out to be a clear distinguishing feature over the others. This clearly shows that the traditional method of GK preparation in a Q & A format will be of limited use for Liners. Make a habit to read daily newspapers on a regular basis. Rather than just focusing on the headlines, second level information around the news is equally important.
  • Know your Competition:CLAT is not about getting a good result. It’s about getting a good rank. So it’s best to have an idea of where you are compared to others. The best way to do this is to take part in a test series of All India Leading coaching institutions which can help you to know where you stand and how much hard work you need to invest.
  • CLAT Coaching Programs:When signing up for a CLAT coaching program, be sure to seek knowledge, guidance, and support. However, do not think that this guide and support should be available when you need it most, and not necessarily when the schedule says so! You have to keep in mind that the CLAT coaching program should be a knowledge tool that supports you instead of being handed out on a fixed schedule that has nothing to do with your academic needs.
  • Legal Aptitude Section: The legal ability section of the CLAT 2019 exam has always surprised aspirants. For the last three years, there has been a general trend for paper-setters to prefer reason to knowledge. The strategy for this section should, therefore, go through the arguments of all the papers of the past years.
  • General Knowledge Section: The questions in this segment are mostly from the fields of legal protection, contract law, and criminal law as well as legal collective agreements, the composition of which may change from year to year. A student is not expected to deepen all of this knowledge, but the purpose of this section is to test the students’ eligibility. Extensive studies, training, and tutorials will definitely increase your chances of winning in this section. To improve the performance in this section, solving and analyzing past work can be beneficial. A good score in this section is also helpful in the case of a tie-breaker if two or more candidates score the same score.
  • Logical Reasoning Section:The reasoning section mainly assesses candidates’ ability to identify patterns and logical links and illogical arguments. This section asks questions about syllogism, logical sequences, and analogies. The visual reasoning is not tested. Students need to learn tricks and abbreviations to easily solve the problems. You should learn to handle your time so that you can try any question and not skip any. This strategy will also focus on how much time you have to devote to each question.

You don’t have to try the various types of prep tips. It will only expose you in complexity and stay with your calmness until the exam day. You can’t learn anything instantaneously. Similarly, you can’t prepare for any of the exams overnight. Even if you can reread things at the last moment, it won’t help you for long. The basics are built over time, which includes proper scheduling and, above all, execution.


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