SET Law Mock Test 2019

28 Sep, 2018

SET Law Mock Test 2019 – For years, the Symbiosis International University SET Law has been carrying out the entrance exams for aspirants in undergraduate programs (B.A. LLB and BBA LLB) at three Symbiosis Law School Campuses in Pune, Noida, and Hyderabad. This year’s exam is expected to be held in the month of May 2019. Basically, SET Law is an exam with a total of 150 questions to be cracked within 150 minutes. SET Law Mock Test 2019 will enable operative preparation as they simulate actual test environments. Therefore, they help to upsurge your testing speed without negotiating accurateness.

Why is it Important to take the SET Law Mock Test 2019?

  • Knowing your level of preparation: The SET law is a paper-based (offline) test. Using sample papers based on the SET exam, you can assess your level of preparation and plan your studies accordingly.
  • Score Scrutiny: Analyzing your mock test score compared to the SET cut-offs of previous years will help you select institutions based on your current score. In addition, it will help you to get a better result.
  • Time Management: Practicing dummy tests gives you the experience of effectively managing your time in the exam.
  • Time allocation to different sections: Mock test practice makes you analyze the exact time you need to devote to each section. This in turn helps you to complete the entire test on time and with the greatest possible effectiveness.
  • Categorizing Strong points and Weaknesses: Once you start to solve your blindness tests, you get a good idea of your strong and weak subject areas. Strengthen your weak areas and pay special attention to mastering them, increasing your score in the SET exam. At the same time, it is important to revise those issues where you are strong.
  • Time allocation to different questions: A lot of time should not be invested in “sitter” because they are the easy to solve questions. So you can take time for questions that might seem harder. Mock tests also help you to understand the level of difficulty / nature of the questions.

Prerequisites to Take up the SET Law Mock Test 2019

  1. Please make sure to have a steady internet connection. The test will not run/open if the internet connection is lost. In this case, do not try to close the browser window, or do not refresh the browser until Internet connectivity is reset
  2. Do not take up the test in Incognito mode or Private Window
  3. Cookies settings must read “Allow local data to be set (recommended)” – this is the usual setting so do not try to do any modification these settings
  4. Test systems must be free from virus, spyware, and malware

SET Law Mock Test 2019: Section-wise Analysis

The SET-Law Legal Reasoning section will contain a 30 mark weight and plays a crucial role in giving your performance a head start. This section targets to test your legal ability and not your understanding of law. The significance of this section lies in the fact that the candidates taking up this exam do not first subject themselves to the law as a course. Therefore, it is important in this section to get good results.

    The GK section of SET Law is one of the hardest sections of this prevalent exam. Many intellectual candidates struggle to crack this section due to its great curriculum and ignorance with the topic. This segment is a “break or crack” section, which persuades a number of deserving applicants to take a place at their dream school each year.

    The exam has about 15 questions from time, date, calendars, series, and coding, decoding and blood relatives. Of all other areas, the paper has 2-3 questions in the exam. Of course you have to review all the essentials of mathematics with a distinct focus on these areas. Exercise an ample number of questions from these regions to become expert in this critical section.

    Practicing SET Law Mock Test 2019 from years of the past will help you master your preparation. The paper analysis of recent years shows that all areas in the field of analytical conclusions are important. Therefore, you should leave no issue unaffected. Rudimentary understanding of all subjects and necessary practice of SET Law Mock Test 2019 is required to get good results in SET Law 2019 entrance exam.


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