MH CET Law Syllabus 2019

22 Oct, 2018

MH CET Law Syllabus 2019 – The law aspirants who wish to appear in the MH CET law 2019 are recommended to take a profound look into the MH CET Law syllabus 2019 in order to have a better groundwork in good time. The MH CET curriculum 2019 will consist of the topics included in the MH-CET law 2019, for inclusion in the five-year integrated and three-year legal program. The curriculum of the MH CET Law 2019 allows the candidates to be more self-assured in the areas in which they are sturdy and will also support them with improvisation in the areas that need more attention. Apart from all these, MH CET law syllabus 2019 will make you familiar with the questions and markings that help you to tactically improve your preparation with the right study material.


MH CET Law Syllabus 2019: Overview

MH CET Law is an online-based test with 150 multiple choice questions in English or Marathi. This test will be carried out for three-year and five years combined LLB programs. The total period of the exam is 2 hours. The candidates receive a mark for each right answer, while no mark is reduced for wrong answers. MH CET Law syllabus 2019 comprises of several topics that examine the candidate’s skill and English language. The questions will be on the basis of logical reasoning, intellectual reasoning, numerical ability and verbal aptitude. A maximum number of questions can be expected from the logical argumentation area with most of the questions grounded on the matrix organization.

Section Wise Marks
Logical and Analytical Reasoning 30
General Knowledge with Current Affairs 40
Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning 30
English 50
Total 150


    MH CET Law Syllabus 2019: Sections Covered

    The candidates who wish to appear in the MH CET 2019 can obtain full details on the subjects on which the candidate is tested. The MH CET Law syllabus for a five-year combined legal program and a three-year legal program is nearly the same, apart from the mathematical ability is not encompassed in the five-year integrated program entrance exam. Here you will find a detailed explanation of the topics.

    • Legal Ability and Reasoning – This section will contain questions encompassing to the legal suitability of candidates ‘ ability to solve problems. The questions are raised based on legal proposals and are referred to as facts on which the proposals must be smeared by the candidates. Few sentences may not be right in the practical sense, and the candidates must accept the fact of these sentences (propositional truth) and are expected to draw well-supported assumptions based on the assumptions
    • Numerical Aptitude – In this section the fundamental mathematics comprising time and work, algebra, number sets, average, number theory, Venn diagram, gain and loss and velocity distance are the topics to be covered. The main objective of incorporating this section is to test the legal aspirants’ interest in mathematics.
    • Logical Reasoning – This section observes the candidate’s aptitude for rational links, modifies illogical arguments, and recognizes patterns. The topic will include the satisfying of opinions, the drawing of well-supported inferences, and the argumentation by similarities, the application of principles and rules and broad analogies. It comprises the reasoning from a sequence of statements and guidelines and principles that define the association between persons, things or events.
    • General Awareness Section – This segment will comprise of the topics like geography, universal science, citizenship, trade, commerce, and economics. The main objective of this section is to test the candidate’s acquaintance of the latest events in the world.
    • English Language – This section will comprise questions including English practice mistakes like common errors, perceiving mistakes in the sentence, incorrect use of words, spelling errors etc.), enhancement and reorganization of sentences, comprehending a passage and knowledge of idioms and phrases, a word replacement, filling up empty spaces, etc.

    MH CET Law Syllabus 2019 – Preparation Tips

    • Make a point to scrutinize the MH CET Syllabus in detail.
    • Cope up with the time as per the level of difficulty of each topic and get the MH CET Law preparation tips 2019.
    • Try to solve preceding years question papers along with the official answer key
    • Try to rehearse the subjects learned daily.
    • Maintain your health appropriately.

    Now when you are familiar with the syllabus of MH CET Law 2019, then start preparing accordingly and embrace success in the exam.


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