LSAT India Mock test 2019

03 Aug, 2018

LSAT India Mock Test 2019 – LSAT India is a test for analytic thinking, reasoning and reading comprehension, including comparative reading. What is the best way to learn how to tackle these kinds of questions before you meet them on the day of the test? LSAT India Mock Test 2019 offered here will help you to understand the types of questions that are asked in the exam and to analyze your preparation. To practice, the questions from LSAT India will be asked in exactly the same pattern as the upcoming LSAT India test. This will help the candidates perform a computer-assisted examination in a simulated environment. This mock test is specially made for the LSAT India exam and made available here. Just click on the start button to get started. The Shock Test is designed to give students a systematic approach to testing their preparation for the prestigious admission test at the Law School.

LSAT India Mock Test 2019: Exam Pattern

  1. LSAT India Mock Test 2019 consisted of up to four test preparation sets
  2. The candidates are recommended to take up as many mocks as possible and then appear for at least one test under simulated test conditions in strict adherence to the time limits
  3. The false examinations of the Law School Admission Test included questions about previous exams

Moreover, you can view the Official LSAT India Mock Test 2019 Link for free.

  1. LSAT India 2019 will be an offline mode exam held for a total of 2 hours and 20 minutes duration
  2. The legal entrance exam included up to 100 questions, divided into four sections – Rational Thinking, Logical Thinking I, Logical Thinking II and Reading Comprehension
  3. LSAT India 2019 did not follow a negative rating system, so no flags were removed for incorrect answers
  4. The LSAT India Score 2019 are computed based on percentiles

LSAT India Mock Test 2019: How to appear in LSAT India Mock Tests

  • Click on the official mock test link from LSAT-India 2019
  • Click Preparation Test Links on the redirected page
  • Start with the dummy tests of LSAT-India 2019

This sample paper from LSAT India mock test 2019 is the questionnaire of recent years with solutions that will familiarize a candidate with the exam sample and the nature and scope of the questions related to the Law School Admission Test India. Candidates are recommended to practice as many LSAT India mock test series as they will prepare them better for the exam. The LSAT India announcement will be published in the month of November, and the final exam is scheduled for May third week.

  1. LSAT India Mock test 2019 provides you with the official questionnaires of the past years.
  2. Unlike other admission exams, the LSAT India 2019 mock test is different, allowing candidates to prepare well for the entrance exam using LSAT India Sample Papers 2019.
  3. Practicing mock tests from LSAT India 2019 will help you measure your level of preparation and continue to improve.
  4. Candidates can download the LSAT India sample form and practice the mock test as often as possible.
  5. LSAT India Mock Test 2019 is also available for free

    While taking up the mock test try to concentrate on the following list of items

    • Recognition of the argument or questioning of an argument or dispute;
    • Identifying the assumptions contained in an argument or argument chain;
    • Draw appropriate conclusions from given evidence or premises;
    • Identification and application of principles;
    • Identification of the method or structure of an argument or a chain of reasoning;
    • Recognition of logical errors and misinterpretations;
    • Determine how additional evidence or reasoning influences an argument or conclusion; and
    • Identifying elucidations and spotting resolutions of contradictory facts or arguments.
    • Read each question carefully. Make sure you understand the meaning of each part of the question. Make sure that you understand the meaning of each answer choice and the way in which it can or may not relate to the question asked.
    • Do not choose an answer just because it is a true statement. Although it is true, it cannot answer the question asked.
    • Answer any question based on the given information, even if you disagree. Work in the context given by the passage. The questions do not include tricks or hidden meanings.


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