LFAT Seat Allotment 2019

30 Oct, 2018

LFAT Seat Allotment 2019 – The counselling process of LFAT 2019 begins as soon as the result of the same is published by the examining authority. The LFAT 2019 counselling followed by LFAT Seat allotment 2019 is anticipated to commence in the month of June 2019. Applicants will have to undergo a number of process and rounds for the counselling process on the basis of their results and the LFAT 2019 section. Only shortlisted candidates are invited to participate in the LFAT 2019 counselling process. The LFAT Seat Allotment 2019 procedure of LFAT 2019 covers face-to-face interaction and accordingly the seats are allocated to qualified applicants for admission purposes.

The number of places in the program is 120 while the number of seats may differ contingent on the BCI’s discretion. During the LFAT Seat Allocation 2019 process out of the total 120 places, 06 seats must be allocated to the departments of the teacher/employee of the University of Allahabad in agreement with the instructions of the Indian order. The admission is exactingly in the Order of Merit for 114 places. The earnings are determined on the basis of the calculated examination points of the candidates. The number of seats can only be increased by the BCI (over 120 seats) and hence only 120 seats are permitted for the 2018-19 session, and this number can only be increased or decreased if BCI gives direction in this regard before the approval process is completed.

LFAT Seat Allotment 2019: Reservation of Seats

    As per the LFAT Seat Allotment 2019 guidelines

    For the Scheduled Caste (SC), the Scheduled Tribes (ST) and other Backward Classes (OBC) earmarked in all sections/course for which the Entrance examination will be carried out in accordance with the following standards:

    1. 15% of the overall seats in every subject/program are earmarked for applicants belonging to the category of Scheduled Caste (SC);
    2. 7.5% of the overall seats in every subject/program are earmarked for applicants belonging to the category of the Scheduled tribe (SC); and
    • 27% of the overall seats in every subject/program are earmarked for applicants who belong to another category of the Backward Caste (OBC).
    1. In the event that seats that are held in reserve for candidates of the scheduled (ST) category remain unoccupied on account of non-availability of applicants the same shall be allocated to the applicants of Scheduled Caste (SC) category.
    2. An applicant who has a certified infirmity of not less than 40 % may be admitted to the respective program/subject, based on the order of merit of infirmity and regardless of his place in the order of merit of the total cumulative score, on the endorsement of the Medical Board, subject to the circumstance that number of such applicants shall not go beyond 5 % of the total places as per MHRD rules.
    3. (vi) LFAT Seat allotment 2019 underneath physically handicapped area shall be filled in order of preference listed below:   (i) Visually disabled   (ii) Hearing impairment  (iii) Orthopedic disability
    • If a student fitting to any of the groups stated above gets nominated for admission on the basis of merit with unreserved (i.e. General) category candidates, they will not be allocated against the seats earmarked for the defined categories
    • Easing in truncated percentage up to 10%, increase in absorption capacity to 5%, course reservation or at least one seat in any of the institutions will be for the residence of Kashmir or Kashmiri Immigrants
    1. No applicant shall be entitled to be admitted against the seats earmarked for one of the categories mentioned to in the clause (a), unless he has duly asserted the relevant status in the registration, thereby proving the holding of a Valid certificate in this sense, in the format approved by the central government for the purpose, by a competent authority (such as Magistrate/Plenipotentiary government official) holding the fee in the administrative unit to which the candidate belongs.
    2. Upon the fulfillment of LFAT Seat Allotment 2019 process to the authorized places in each course of study, the sons and daughters of regularly appointed and retired teachers/employees of the university, the academic institutes, the constituent universities and components Institutes, by producing an applicable certificate signed by the registrar in the case of university or any corresponding authorities.

    This is all about the process of seat allotment in LFAT 2019. Share your further views and queries in the comment section below.


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