How to Prepare for SET Law 2019

26 Sep, 2018

How to Prepare for SET Law 2019 – Students must be curious to know on How to prepare for SET Law 2019 that is approaching. It is no surprise that many students wish to be admitted to the Symbiosis School of Law through the SLAT 2019. The main reason for such a huge number of keen candidates is the status and recognition of the Symbiosis International University and all the 3 affiliated Law Schools. The candidates must possess all the good details to efficiently prepare for the SET entrance exam. Be sure to follow the advices and tricks the toppers have used for years to prepare them. Before we go ahead and discuss on how to prepare for SET law 2019, let’s take a swift look at the syllabus for the SLAT 2019 and the exam curriculum

How to Prepare for SET Law 2019: SET Exam Syllabus & Pattern

The SET law 2019 syllabus contains the following sections. The following table contains section-wise syllabus and marks allocated for every section.

Name of the Section Marks
General Knowledge 30
Logical Reasoning 30
Analytical Reasoning 30
Legal Reasoning 30
Reading Comprehension 30
Total Marks 150


    The Set Law Exam pattern 2019 is given below. The exam pattern gives the students the idea about how the exam format would be like.

    Total Number of Sections 5
    Questions Type Multiple choice questions
    Total Questions 150
    Marks per Questions 1
    Time Duration 150 Minutes
    Negative Marking No Negative Marking


    How to Prepare for SET Law 2019: Section-wise Tips

    General Knowledge

    Try to solve previous year’s question papers and identify the simple questions and try their answers. Identify and highlight the questions that you think might be more thought-provoking. Finally, identify the questions that you cannot even attempt, which should be left untouched at this point.

    Legal Reasoning

    Read a newspaper regularly, like The Hindu, The Indian Express to be aware of the social issues. Reading newspapers will also be useful to give an advantage to your general knowledge essay. You should try to keep up to date with the current events of the year as well. This section aims to test your legal aptitude and not the legal knowledge. Since you are not aware of this section before, it becomes important to understand not only the curriculum in this section, but also the advices that will make your attempt even better.

    Analytical & Logical Reasoning

    Practice Speed and Accuracy: Both these rudiments go hand in hand as it is important to find the right solutions to any questions without jeopardizing the time limit. The speed and accuracy poise will be easier to manage if you emphasis on clearing the basics.

    Clarify Your Foundations: Most of the questions posed in the analytical part of SET-Law are elemental in nature. Therefore, your most important task should be to clarify the basics of all the related topics.

    Reading Comprehension

    Always try to pick up the familiar passages first, trailed by the un-familiar ones. Mostly, the passages have a legal or social context, so reading newspapers helps you better understand the context of such passages.

    Try to practice reading silently. This saves time and upsurges attentiveness and accuracy. Do not keep saying a few words to read them again and again. Read one phrase at a time instead of word by word.

    How to Prepare for SET Law 2019: WAT Round

    In the WAT section it is only required by students to write the basic essays. From a list of given topics, students have to choose a topic of their best and write an essay. It is expected that the topics contained in the WAT are generic, but aggravate in nature. This section can be cleared easily if you have a good command over English language.

    How to Prepare for SET Law 2019: PI Round

    For the PI round do not try to invent answers that you do not actually know. Be honest and graciously tell them that you do not know the answer. At all times be ready for the common questions like “Why did you choose the law?” The evaluator might try to get you into a circumstance where it is easier to lose endurance, but that is what you are being directed at, and if you do, you will lose track.

    Along with all the above interview tips, just try and stay as cool and calm as you can.


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