CLAT Preparation Tips 2019

09 Nov, 2018

CLAT Preparation Tips 2019 – Aspirants, who wish to pursue their career in the field of Law and legal practices, must know the importance of CLAT 2019. It is one of the renowned tests organized by NLU for the law students to take admission in top 19 NLUs and other law institutes of India. NLU will organize this online CLAT 2019 exam at all India level basis and prepare the merit so that the students can be the part of top law universities in India on the basis of merit. In our other articles, we have given lots of information about CLAT 2019 eligibility criteria, CLAT Result 2019, How to fill CLAT Application form 2019, and many more. Today we are going to touch a very important and interesting topic related to CLAT 2019 and that is ‘CLAT Preparation Tips 2019’. Here students will get a fair idea how to prepare themselves for this important national exam and secure high merit at all India level.  Let’s discuss in detail

CLAT Preparation Tips 2019: Topic Wise

  1. English Language Including Comprehension

The English segment will essentially test the students’ capability in English in light of numerous comprehension passages and grammar. Comprehension area will scrutinize the inference of the comprehension of the section and its focal theme, implications of words utilized in that and so forth. The grammar segment requires correction of wrong grammatical sentences, filling of spaces in sentences with proper words, etc.

    In addition, English language for CLAT might be isolated into three sections:

    • Vocabulary
    • Reading Comprehension and paragraphs
    • Grammar


    • You should be acquainted with the words and their importance alongside their usage in sentences.
    • Start learning new words and increase your vocabulary. Note down all the new words and start searching its meaning.
    • At whatever point you encounter a new word it is constantly great to investigate the spelling and meaning of the word.


    • Start reading your old language text book (school level) and begin perusing up from chapter one. Learn about the technical aspects associated with different topics of English language.
    • Most ideal approaches to recognize problem zones in language is to start solving error correction questions. This will help you to discover grammatical mistakes in the sentence

    Reading Comprehension and Paragraphs

    Reading and understanding Comprehension questions take more time than any other section in CLAT exam. It is an exam which is time bound (2 hours). It is advised to divide your time cleverly and enhance the reading speed. For this, you can take a passage or paragraph and set a clock of 5 minutes in front of you. After 5 minutes check what number of words you have learned and appropriately continue practicing. This is a great exercise as far as CLAT Preparation Tips 2019 are concerned.

    1. General Knowledge and Currents Affairs

    General Knowledge will test the general familiarity of students with important national topics and general awareness including static GK. Questions on current affairs will test students on their insight into current national issues.

    One must make his habit to read the newspaper daily and watching the news once a day. A fundamental learning of History, Geography and Science will be favored as an extraordinary edge over others.

    1. Arithmetic

    This segment will test student’s information on elementary mathematics (up to class 10th). The level of math asked in CLAT is elementary tenth grade Math. All the more critically, it contains 10% of the CLAT exam. Most ideal approach to overcome this segment is to solve more and more questions from ‘Quantitative Aptitude-R.S Sharma’. Do whatever it takes not to leave a single question from this book and become master in Math. Mathematics preparation will prove to be one of the most important CLAT Preparation Tips 2019.

    1. Legal Aptitude

    This segment will test student’s interest towards the investigation of law, research ability and critical problem solving aptitude. Questions will be confined with the assistance of Legal proposition (depicted in the paper), and an arrangement of certainties to which the said proposition must be connected. Applicants should expect “reality and truth” of this proposition and answer the questions as needs be.

    In addition, this area ordinarily involves 4 noteworthy topics;

    1. Law of Torts
    2. Law of Contract
    3. Indian Constitution
    4. Criminal Law
    1. Reasoning Section

    The Logical Reasoning segment will test a student’s capacity to distinguish the issues in view of the following topics;

    • Presumptions/Conclusions/Arguments/Actions
    • Syllogisms
    • Blood Relations
    • Number test
    • Logical Sequence
    • Coding-Decoding
    • Ranking assigned
    • Directions
    • Arrangements
    • Verbal Reasoning
    • Calendar

    More Strategies and Preparation Tips for CLAT 2019

    1. Online Mock Tests: Mock tests can help you up, all things considered, in understanding the pattern of question asked in real exam and the difficulty level of questions subject wise. This is one of the most valuable CLAT Preparation Tips 2019.
    2. Change Your Strategy: Adjust your time table, and start working on time management. Read the online materials. Read daily newspaper articles, magazine articles and so on. Continue recalling the vital formulas 9(if made) in your spare time.
    3. Take after a Daily Routine: Candidates need to go for a standard study of 8-9 hours every day. Notwithstanding, taking breaks will be a piece of it.
    4. Get ready Notes: Preparing notes for current G.K or for some other long point will help you in sparing your opportunity. Besides, it is suggested to read and study from your own particular notes instead of from books. These notes will colossally help you over the most recent 30 days of CLAT 2019.
    5. Solid Vocabulary: Vocabulary will help you in English and Legal fitness. Try to read and remember as many new words as you can. Begin with learning 10 new words day by day and utilize them in your day to day life.

    Essential Books to Refer for CLAT 2019 Preparation

    • Book- Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
    • Book- Investigative Reasoning by M. K.Pandey
    • Book- Investigative and Logical Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal
    • Book- India Year Book
    • Book- English is Easy by Chetananand Singh
    • Book- Verbal Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal
    • Book- Target Arithmetic by R.S. Aggarwal
    • Book- GK Today
    • Book- Manorama Year Book
    • Book- Butterworths Lexis Nexis

    If you have any query or update regarding the CLAT Preparation Tips 2019, post the same in the comment section below to get the response from our education experts.



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