KVPY Exam Pattern 2019

31 Aug, 2018

KVPY Exam Pattern 2019- KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojna) is a fellowship program organized on the national level for the encouragement of those students who are eager to make their career in basic science and research courses. All students who are completing their XIth, XIIth, Bsc. or Msc. program in the science field is eligible to get this scholarship as per the category guidelines decided by the exam conducting authority. KVPY exam is being funded by the Department of Science and Technology which is being organized by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. Every year more than one lakh aspirants participate in KVPY scholarship exam from which around 2500 students are awarded.

KVPY Exam Pattern 2019

KVPY is an objective exam; eligible candidates are free to choose any language English or Hindi. The question paper of KVPY 2019 is divided into different sections varying according to the different streams. There are total three streams SA/ SB/ SX in which the question paper for SA is divided into two parts 1 and 2 from which students have to attend all questions while aspirants of stream SB/ SX students are needed to attempt both parts in which from Part 1 candidates has to choose any three sections and from Part 2 candidates are required to attend two sections. Here we are going to provide each and every minute detail related to the KVPY exam pattern 2019 which is necessary to be known before preparing for an exam.

Important aspects of KVPY Exam Pattern 2019

Mode Online mode (Computer-based test)
Duration of Exam 3 hours
Types of question Objective and destructive
Medium English and Hindi
Number of questions (in Part 1) Physics – 15 Questions Chemistry – 15 Questions Biology – 15 Questions Mathematics – 15 Questions
Number of questions (in Part 2) Physics – 5 Questions Chemistry – 5 Questions Biology – 5 Questions Mathematics – 5 Questions
Marking Scheme (For Part 1) 1 mark for each correct answer 0.25 mark for incorrect answer
Marking Scheme (For Part 2) 2 marks for each correct answer 0.50 marks for incorrect answer

KVPY Syllabus 2019

    For the preparation of exam, it is necessary to be aware of the syllabus of KVPY Exam Pattern 2019. In this section, we are going to know about the syllabus in detail according to different streams.

    * For Stream SA


    Metals and Non-metals, Thermodynamics, Carbon Compounds, Basic concepts of Chemistry, Periodic Classification of Elements, Acid, Bases and Salts, Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties, Chemical Reactions, States of Matter – Liquid and Gas, Environmental Chemistry.


    Applications in daily life, Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Physical world and measurement, Thermodynamics, Sources of Energy, Gravitation, Magnetic Effects of Current, Reflection, Refraction, Electromagnetic induction.


    Heredity and evolution, Diversity of Living organisms, Reproduction, Cell: Structure and Function, Our Environment, Plant Physiology, Life Processes, Control and Coordination in animals and plants, Our Environment, Human Physiology.


    Trigonometric Functions, Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Quadratic Equations, Surface Areas and Volumes, Polynomials, Statistics and Probability, Mathematical Reasoning, Introduction to trigonometry, Real Numbers, Mathematical Reasoning.

    * For Stream SX


    Surface chemistry, Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties, Basic concepts of Chemistry, Chemical Reactions, Solid State, Metal and Non-metal, Periodic Classification of Elements, Carbon compounds, Thermodynamics, Isolation of Elements, Chemical Kinetics, Environmental Chemistry, Electrochemistry.


    Reflection of light, Gravitation, Magnetic Effects of current, Electromagnetic induction, Thermodynamics, Laws of Motion, Work, energy and Power, Electromagnetic induction and alternating current, Electrostatics, Physical World and measurement, Refraction, Kinematics, Sources of Energy.


    Cell: Structure and Function, Genetics and Evolution, Human Physiology, Diversity of Living organisms, Biology and Human Welfare, Life Processes, Reproduction, Genetics and Evolution, Ecology and Environment, Diversity of Living organisms, Biology and Human Welfare, Control and Coordination in Animals and Plants, Plant Physiology.


    Coordinate geometry, Statistics and Quadratic Equations, Linear Programming, Probability, Trigonometric Functions, Statistics and Probability, Mathematical Reasoning, Real Number, Introduction to trigonometry, Vectors and 3D geometry, Surface Areas and Volumes, Probability, Calculus, Geometry, Relations and Functions, Polynomials.

    * For Stream SB


    Surface chemistry, Acid, Bases and Salts, Structure and Bonding, Chemical Kinetics, Metals and Non Metals, Chemistry of Noble Gases, Solid State, Basic concepts of Chemistry, Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties, States of Matter : Gases and Salts, Chemical Bonding, environmental chemistry, Cycloalkanes, Structure and Bonding, Isolation of Elements, Dienes and Alkynes, Alkenes, Electrochemistry, Chemical Reactions.


    Electricity and Magnetism, Refraction and its applications in daily life, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetic induction and alternating current, work, energy and Power, Electrostatics and thermal physics, sources of energy, Physical world and measurement, Waves and optics, Kinematics, Magnetic Effects of current, Gravitation, Laws of Motion, Reflection, Current electricity, Electromagnetic induction.


    Life Processes, Ecology and Environment, Diversity of Living organisms, Plant Physiology, Control and Coordination in Animals and Plants, Biology and Human Welfare, Our Environment, Human Physiology, Biotechnology, Genetics and Evolution, Cell: Structure and Function, Genetics.


    Relations and Functions, Calculus, Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometric Functions, Vector Algebra, Surface Areas and Volumes, Mathematical Reasoning, Probability, Analytical Geometry in two dimensions, linear programming, Statistics and Probability, Quadratic Equations, Vectors and 3D Geometry, Real Number, Introduction to trigonometry, Polynomials, Evaluation of Integrals, Real number. 

    KVPY Exam Pattern 2019 (more details)

    KVPY is an objective based exam with a time limit of 3 hours, candidates applying for this exam can choose any desired language English or Hindi. As we know that there are different streams in KVPY with different patterns so here we will provide you in-depth details of KVPY Exam Pattern 2019 for different streams.

    * Stream SA

    The main aim of KVPY exam is to judge people according to their aptitude and analytical ability. For being eligible for this exam it is important to be aware of the syllabus of Class 10th thoroughly.

    1. In SA stream candidates will get two parts – Part 1 & Part 2.
    2. In Part 1, there are 60 questions from which each subject consist of 15 questions (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics).
    3. The marking scheme for each question is 1 mark.
    4. In Part 2, there are total 20 questions from which each subject consist of 5 questions.
    5. The marking scheme for each question is 2 marks.
    6. It is compulsory to attend all questions of each part.
    7. There are total 80 questions in this exam and the question paper is comprised of 100 marks.

    * Stream SB/ SX

    In the stream SB and SX questions are expected from the syllabus of class 12th, the KVPY exam pattern 2019 for these streams is as follows:

    1. There are two parts in SB and SX stream which are Part I and Part II.
    2. There are total 80 questions in Part I of this exam in which each subject (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics) contain 20 questions.
    3. You are having the choice from out of these subjects as you can choose any of the three subjects of your choice that is attempt 60 questions out of total 80.
    4. There are total 40 questions in Part II of this exam in which each subject (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics) contains 10 questions.
    5. You have a choice out of these four subjects from which you have to attempt only two which you means you have to complete total 20 questions out of 40.
    6. For each correct answer for Part I, students will be awarded 1 mark.
    7. For each correct answer for Part II, students will be awarded 2 marks.
    8. There is no negative marking for leaving an answer blank.

    Tips for Preparing KVPY Exam 2019

    The syllabus of KVPY 2019 is not defined as you can get the questions from the syllabus of class XIth, XIIth and the first year of basic science courses. We have already provided you the KVPY Exam Pattern 2019 in detail now, below are some of the basic tips about which you should be aware of before preparing for an exam. For being well prepared for any of the competitive exams it is necessary to study in a planned way and cover each subject.

    * Before you start to study for the exam, first of all, make a proper study timetable in which you should give a proper time of study to each subject and still get some time for revision at last.

    * Make a chart of your weaknesses and strengths in different fields and focus more on them in a systematic way this will give you more idea and help you in putting efforts toward your weaknesses.

    * The study material you are going to choose should right so be aware while choosing.

    * The best method of preparing for the KVPY exam you have to practice lots of sample papers and previous year question papers, for this you also have to manage your time and this will also help you in getting an idea of important and scoring topics.

    * Do not bring any type of negativity in your mind; be always positive at the time of preparation and also during the exam. As confidence is key to success, therefore, be confident and focus more on important topics. We also suggest you to give your more team towards your strengths instead of weaknesses.

    Reference Books for KVPY 2019

    Here we are providing you some reference books for getting prepared according to the KVPY exam pattern 2019.

    * Stream SA

    1. The candidates who are applying with stream SA, we recommend you KVPY (Stream SA) 10 years unit wise old examinations solved papers by Career point Kota.
    1. KVPY complete Pack (SA Stream) by Resonance.

    * Stream SX

    1. The candidates who are going to apply with stream SX, we recommend you KVPY (Stream SX) 7 years unit wise old examinations solved papers by career point Kota.
    1. KVPY Complete Pack (SX Stream – Maths) by Resonance.

    If you have any further doubts or queries regarding KVPY Exam Pattern 2019, then post in the comment box below to get help from our experts.


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