KIITEE 2018 Exam Pattern

KIITEE 2018 Exam Pattern – The Exam Pattern of KIITEE 2018 is available on this page. The exam will be conducted in ONLINE mode from 15th April 2018 to 24th April 2018. The exact dates have NOT yet been released and will be updated HERE as soon as the exam has been announced by the University.

The candidates who are preparing for the exam are advised to prepare for the exam as per the pattern released by the university. This will help in making the candidates well prepared for the exam day as well as help them in developing an image of the final exam in their mind.

Following KIITEE Exam Pattern 2018 will also ensure that the candidates are on right track and don’t end up over-prepared or under-prepared.

KIITEE 2018 Exam Pattern – Details:

  • The KIITEE exam will be a computer-based or online exam in ENGLISH language.
  • There will be THREE Sections from PCM each with 40 MCQs in each section.
  • The candidates will be free to roam in between the questions and sections of the exam.
  • The Exam Pattern of KIITEE 2018 states that the questions for which the answers have been marked will have GREEN MARK and the un-attempted ones will be BLUE in colour.
  • Every RIGHT answer will carry 4 Marks and ONE mark deduction from total score will be done for every WRONG answer.
  • The duration of exam will be 180 minutes or 3 hours. As per the Pattern of KIITEE 2018 Exam, the exam will automatically CLOSE after the completion of 180 minutes.
  • If the candidates complete the exam before the allotted time, they will see the confirmation page which will ask them to return to the test or complete the exam session. If the candidates want to attempt the questions they have marked for review, they can return to the test.
  • As per the official KIITEE 2018 Exam Pattern, the test completion will be marked by the appearing of the THANK YOU note on the computer screen of the candidates.



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