KCET Option Entry 2017

KCET Option Entry 2017 has begun. It is the process, which candidates can choose their interested colleges and courses according to their wish. Candidates who got qualified in merit list can submit the options. The option entry process for KCET 2017 has begun on 17th June of 2017. Candidates must have done the verification process before go for option entry process. The verification process has done from 5th to 21st of June 2017.

Option Entry process can be done by the candidates who have gone through document verification. The candidates who have not gone through the verification process will not be able to access the KCET Option Entry 2017. After the given period for KCET Option Entry 2017, no candidates will be able to add any entry in the same or change it. Candidates will be getting their first given option more considered in seat allotment process. So the candidates are advised to submit the options according to their order of priority in interested colleges and courses. We have given all the scheduled dates of KCET Option Entry 2017. Take a look below to know more.

KCET Option Entry 2017 – Scheduled Dates

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  • The scheduled dates for KCET Option Entry 2017 has given below. The following table will show you the most important dates on KCET Option Entry. Take a look at this to know more about KCET Option Entry.


    Scheduled Dates for Round 1

    Schedule Dates for Round 2

    Scheduled Dates for Round 3

    Seat Matrix Display. After 4:00 PM on 14th June of 2017. After 11:00 AM of 04th July of 2017. After 11:00 AM of 17th July of 2017.
    KCET 2017 Option Entry. From 17th June of 2017 to 11:00 AM of 23rd June of 2017. From 8:00 PM 04th July of 2017 to 10:00 AM of 7th July of 2017. From 5:00 PM of 17th July of 2017 to 10:00 AM of 19th July of 2017.
    Mock Seat
    Allotment Result.
    From 8:00 PM on 24th June of 2017 to 11:00 AM of 26th June of 2017.
    Seat Allotment Result. After 4:00 PM on 27th June of 2017. After 2:00 PM on 08th July of 2017. After 2:00 PM on 20th July of 2017.
    Dates for Confirming the Allotment, Payment of Fee, and Downloading Admission Order. 28th June of 2017 to 30th June of 2017. 10th July of 2017 to 12th July of 2017. 21st July of 2017 to 24th July of 2017.
    Reporting at the College Ends On. Before 5:30 PM on 30th June of 2017. Before 5:30 PM on 13th July of 2017. Before 5:30 PM on 24th July of 2017.

    KCET Option Entry 2017 – Importance of Document Verification

    The document verification is one of the most important things regarding KCET Option Entry 2017. The eligibility qualification of candidates will be checked during document verification process. There will be no online document verification and only offline method will be done for it. The candidates have to be present in person for document verification. After document verification, if the authorities find that the applicant is eligible. Then the same candidate will be getting a verification slip.

    There will be one secret keyword will be given with the verification slip to the candidates. Each candidate will be able to access the Option Entry login by using this keyword only. So the document verification process is very important.

    KCET Option Entry 2017 – Procedure

    Here we have given the procedure of option entry step by step. To do option entry process, candidates must visit the official web page of KCET and follow the following steps.

    1. Firstly, candidates must log in at the official web page of KCET. Then they have to submit their CET Application Number along with the Secret Keyword they’ve got. Now, candidates will be getting an option to create a password. This password must at least 8 characters long and should contain one alphabet, one number, and one special character. After this, candidates must provide their e-mail ID and mobile number. The candidates will be asked to answer one secret hint question.
    2. Secondly, the candidates have to go for the option choosing process. After the first step, the login session will be open and the candidates will be directed to submit their choices of interest. All the candidates will be able to submit as much as choices they can. Candidates must lock their choice of interest before the time period for choosing options will be over. All the candidates are advised to check all credentials given by them before they submit the options.

    KCET Option Entry 2017 – Seat Matrix

    KEA will release the Seat Matrix, in order to assist the candidates in submitting options and choosing their choices. This seat matrix will be released separately for each course and will showcase the number of seats in a college for each category.

    All the candidates can check KCET seat matrix to know that how many seats are offered by their desired college their interested course. Candidates can check this information by category wise,

    We hope that all the information given on this page about KCET Option Entry 2017 will help you as you needed. Stay in touch with us for more information on the same as well as to get more information regarding other more institutional examinations.

    Best of luck!


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