JEE Main 2018 Answer Key by IITians Pace

24 Apr, 2018

JEE Main 2018 answer key by IITians Pace have been released by the institute on April 8 after the JEE Main 2018 exam. Candidates will now be able to tally their responses against the answers provided by the faculty members and subject experts of the institute IITian’s Pace. CBSE will also release the official answer key for JEE Main 2018 exam on 24th April 2018. But if you don’t want to wait so long to estimate your marks for the JEE Main 2018 exam, you can tally your answers from the answer key for JEE Main 2018 offline exam which will be released by IITians Pace and other coaching centers. IITians Pace along with the other coaching institutes will release the answer key for JEE Main 2018 offline exam on 8th April 2018. We would like to advise all the candidates that the official answer key released by the Central Board of Secondary Education is more reliable for calculating their probable scores. The official answer key released by CBSE has fewer chances to be incorrect. Whereas, the unofficial answer keys released by IITians Pace and other coaching institutes may be less reliable. All the coaching institutes will release answer key for JEE Main 2018 offline paper, which was conducted on 8th April 2018. The exam was conducted from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. JEE Main 2018 Answer key by IITians Pace for all codes have been updated and uploaded here. But, all the candidates must remember that CBSE will release the JEE Main 2018 answer key for both offline and online exam from 24th April 2018 to 27th April 2018. The students can easily calculate their tentative marks and also check their expected rank against the marks obtained after comparing their answers with the JEE Main 2018 answer key by IITians Pace. Students can get a clear idea of the total number of questions they have answered correctly, along with the number of incorrect responses as well.

Even though the answer key released by the institute has been prepared by experts, it might differ from the actual answer key which will be released by the official exam conducting body CBSE by 24th April 2018. Students will be able to tally their solutions and calculate their accurate marks with the official solution. Till the same are released, answer keys from the institute can help in checking approximate marks and ranks.

    Here are the answer keys provided by the institute for the different sets of question paper.

     JEE Main 2018 Answer Key by IITian’s Pace

    Code A Code B Code C Code D
    Download Download Download Download


    How to check marks and estimate rank with JEE MAIN 2018 answer key by IITian’s Pace

    You can follow the following procedure in order to check the solutions from the provided answer keys.

    • Keep your question paper with the marked answers ready for tallying.
    • Download the answer key with the same set number or marking.
    • Calculate the number of questions answered correctly and multiply the number by 4.
    • Calculate the number of incorrect answers and subtract the same from the score obtained in the previous step. This score is your final estimated score according to the answer key provided by the institute IITian’s Pace.

    Note- Please remember that this answer key set is provided by the institute and thus, might not be completely correct. The score obtained from the answer key might not be your final score. The final score obtained in the JEE Main 2018 exam can only be calculated from the official answer key set, which will be released on 24th April 2018. If students or subject experts find any discrepancy in the official answer key, they can file a challenge with backing proof on or before 27th April 2018.

    Candidates can check JEE Main 2018 Official Answer Key and in case of any discrepancy with the official answer key, candidates can file a challenge with the board with appropriate proof as well as fees.




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