JEE Advanced 2018 Preparation Tips

02 Apr, 2018

In this article you will get some really helpful JEE Advanced 2018 Preparation Tips such as recommended books for JEE Advanced Exam, Quick Tips and other latest updates related to this exam. After the clearance of the JEE Main the next step is clearance of the JEE Advanced . With a success rate of barely 4-5% the IIT JEE might seem IIT may rightfully seem fiercely competitive but all those who cleared the examinations were mortals too I assure. An average IITian isn’t always a genius but methodical and disciplined. We thus bring to you a guide to clearing the JEE Advanced 2018 Exam.

Preparation Tips to clear JEE Main 2018 Exam

Study by plan and not by hours:

While preparing for IIT you cannot base your preparation on the number of hours you put in as it doesn’t work like that as you cannot compare performances by the clock as in the examination it doesn’t matter how long you studied or if you studied at all as it all boils down to if you are well versed with the concepts and if you know how to solve a problem. Thus you will need to measure your performance by your study plan for the day and you will be required to establish definite goals to be achieved in a day , week and month.

Your daily goals will need to include:

  • topics you will study
  • preparing notes for the topics you have studied
  • solve practice questions or numerical related to the topics, and
  • solve at least two practice papers, sample papers, mock tests, or IIT JEE past year papers a day.


Early morning studies are better than late night studies:

Usually students have the reputation of pulling an all nighter but it isn’t a good idea as then you train your body clock to be alert in the late hours thus you will be drowsy during the day which is when the examination is conducted. You also miss on the invaluable tips the teachers offer in class as you are hardly able to fous.

Many-a-times, if you study well in class, you will save a lot of time in trying to unravel the concepts on your own later. So, think of classroom studies as your JEE prep classes and pay attention to them.

Rote learning is pointless:

Rote learning dosent help in the JEE Advanced preparations as you are required to apply what you are learning.

Application of concepts and fundamentals you learn is very important. You need to learn how you will apply them to real-life problems too. Going through questions asked in the past year papers should give you a good idea of what type of questions are asked in engineering entrance exams.

Take up the Challenge:

Think of the difficult topics as the challenges. They should give you an adrenalin rush and to be able to surmount them should give you satisfaction. Study difficult topics when you are at your brightest and most alert. With a positive frame of mind and better focus, these difficult chapters will seem to transform into simpler concepts.

JEE Main, JEE Advanced and Class 11 & 12 syllabus for your school board can be quite a lot to handle (even though most of the topics are common in the three exams). So, do not waste much time in researching every topic in-depth. Seek help quickly and get going.

Online IIT JEE coaching service providers often offer 24X7 support and problem solving sessions with experienced and highly qualified faculty members. These may be available as part of their comprehensive package or as separate components too. You may want to subscribe to these assistance programs for getting your doubts cleared and queries solved as soon as they arise.

Keep a tab on your JEE preparation:

The sample papers can help you get familiarized to the types of questions that are asked in the exam. The full-length IIT JEE past year papers will help you evaluate your preparation level , develop speed and accuracy during the exam and thus give you a clear experience of the paper pattern.

Analysis of mock tests is very important. It is this analysis which helps you identify your weak and strong points.

Keep fit, keep glowing

While still at school, do not give up on your sleep for anything. Give up on TV or computer time instead. You might have to experiment to find your own comfort zone.

Gorge on home-made food as much as you can. Exercise daily. Go for a walk, jump rope or play active sports for at least an hour a day. And drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. They will not only keep you healthy but also help your skin to glow.

Find suitable study groups

Constructive competition and group studies keep you motivated. But network with right kind of fellow aspirants to form study groups. If you do not find suitable candidates in your neighbourhood, you may set up a virtual study group with online friend.

In the end, don’t underestimate the contribution of ‘stupid’ friends in the study group. To explain anything to them, you have to go to such details and break concepts into such bite-sized chunks that you never forget them again – even if you want to. So, help weak students whenever you can.

JEE Advanced 2018 Preparation Tips

Here are a few last minute tips and tricks to help the students prepare well:

  • Concentrate on the topics that you have already covered and about which you are confident. Trying to learn new topics at this time will only waste time and lower your confidence.
  • Prepare a revision timetable and study during the last days before the exam according to this schedule.
  • Decide beforehand how much time you will spend on each section. Work this out according to your strengths and weaknesses, however, make sure to not favour the sections you like as the cut-off for all subjects must be cleared.
  • It is a good idea to revise all the formulas and difficult problems for each subject.
  • Don’t try group studies in the last two weeks. The build-up of anxiety and stress will be more within a group, and it is bound to influence you.
  • Practice from question banks. Take a good question bank which has solutions as well, so you can check your mistakes. Also, practice with the past years’ IIT JEE papers, this would give you an idea about the upcoming JEE Advanced.
  • While attempting mock papers try and pace yourself, so that on the day of the exam you have an estimation of how much time will you take for each section.
  • It would be better if you set a target score range for yourself and practice according to that. This would help you work on your strong areas and make it easier for you to achieve the score for which you’re aiming.
  • When you get the exam paper on the day of JEE Advanced, do not start attempting it blindly. Read the entire question paper carefully and identify your strong and weak points. Then begin with the easier questions which carry more marks and move on to the more difficult questions.
  • Above all, be sure to remain calm and not let the stress get to you. Take frequent breaks and relax your mind. In order to do well in the exam, your mind needs to be stress-free.

Top JEE Main strategies to Ace the exams

Tip # 1 – You should try to solve at least 10-12 sample papers within the last one month you have. It will help you improve your problem solving ability, speed and accuracy. You should try to solve at least 2 question papers every week within the stipulated time. Solving question papers is the great practice/revision strategy.

Tip # 2 – One should try to solve question papers in real time. While solving the paper you should keep a watch with you and try to finish the paper within the stated time. Your mock test environment should be exactly similar to the actual exam.

Tip # 3 – After you finish solving the paper and cross verifying your answers, make sure you note your final score, number of questions attempted and unattempted, number of questions correct and incorrect and time taken to solve the entire paper. This will help you gauge your performance over the weeks and highlight the areas where you should focus more to score well in the exam.

Tip # 4 – You should compare solved examples with your solution (used while solving the sample paper) and use the best method to solve a question accurately and quickly. Make note of the correct solution for attempting every question correctly.

Hope these tips helped you..happy exams !



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