HSC Board Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks

19 Nov, 2018
HSC Board Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks

HSC Board Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks – Board examinations grab students in a severe anxiety and stress, and escalating from its grip is very difficult throughout the exam season. Nothing in this world is so tough that cannot be dealt with, if trued with the greatest strength and self-confidence. The HSC examinations have another simple name as 12th board exams. The whole year students try hard to bid others and stand apart from others with flying colors. The article below has a lot of essential tips regarding HSC Board Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks that is student-friendly and ideal to be applied by each aspiring candidate. Go through the following interesting tips and nothing can be detrimental against your success.

HSC Board Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks: Essential Points

1. Build optimism while studying:

Positivity neither extracts bad nor does deliver bad. While appearing for such a crucial examination, all the students should absorb optimism and this is the only most powerful key that unlocks all unnecessary hassles driving away your keen concentration and focus. Life throws several problems at numerous points, so make sure that you outshine them by pampering yourself with positivity and nurture.

2. A smart planning:

    Without proper plans, aims never get directed into the right destinations. A plan is like the roadmap to any activity, no matter how big or small it is. When you are approaching the board exams, be very active and agile to plan your study schedules outstandingly so that you never lag behind anything in future. The way you allocate time to each opt the subjects in general and each topic in particular decides the kind of results you will derive at the end of the day. Make sure you do a smart planning before commencing with hard work. Abide by your plans so that all you want gets executed prominently.

    3. Challenge yourself:

    Competing with your own self is the real game. Compete and challenge yourself with greater confidence and cohesiveness each day. Do not cultivate fret for your results, but encourage yourself day in and day out. You get to derive the best output when you keep constant faith in yourself without driving your focus anywhere else. With constant efforts refurbish yourself to produce better results every day. Touch new topics only after the previous ones gives you the satisfaction of accomplishing the former lessons. With each piece of satisfaction you discover an improvement in your work.

    4. Time Management:

    It is never too late if not practicing procrastination. All that matters is time and the way it is managed and utilized to acquire an amount of result. Time flies frequently, and once it is gone you will have to repent whole your life. Make a routine to study and maintain that, not to lag behind time. Allocate time to each and every subject and be very rigid with your time. Nothing is impossible if managed uniformly.

    5. During the Exam:

    While you are in the exam hall you need to keep many things in mind. Make sure to reach the hall before time and complete your answers by leaving some time to revise of whatever you have written is absolutely what is asked. Be much focused and alert with the questions, read them as many times as you think is required to make you feel that you are clear with the same. It also pays to read the instructions carefully, prior to starting the exam to avoid any foolish mistakes to avoid the waste of both your time and marks.

    6. Syllabus Focus:

    The syllabus matters a lot while you preparing for the boards. If you have a subjective syllabus in hand, you can make your best efforts in determining when to study and how to study. Every subject cannot be studied simultaneously, so dividing the time according to your interests and reading ability makes your stuffs comprehensive.

    7. Feeling stuck:

    This happens to the best of us and can be really demoralizing when you’re stuck over a single question or a couple of questions. This makes you feel shrunken with a single question making you feel like a failure. The key to overcoming it is staying calm and try to think of the solution to that question with a cool mind. If you are really unable to come up with the answer its best to move to the next question and revert to the question later. Never try to think of the answer while solving another question as it could mess up your other answer. It’s always best to stay focused at one question at a time.

    8. All about your answer sheets:

    All that matters at last is your answer sheet. It is the clear evidence of all your hard work and concerned concentration. Your handwriting is really crucial to bring you good marks as it makes the first impression on the one checking. Also, make sure that you do not misinterpret the answers and answers according top the questions asked. Tips for this includes underlining any point that you want to highlight to the examiner and enumerating or enlisting points.

    After the completion of the paper:

    After you are done with the paper it is advisable to review your paper to check for any silly mistakes or follies or the questions that you may have left unattended prior to the deposition of the paper to the examiner. Things will fall at the right place if you make efforts to face it with proper guidelines.

    HSC Board Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks: Subject Guidance


    English is all about authenticity and wonder. You really need to choose a good reference book as well as read from the prescribed book allotted to you by the schools. While studying for the English paper its best to focus on the grammar part as it’s where we make the most mistakes especially if English isn’t our first language and the best marks extracting element. You could also watch English movies or read English books and novels or newspapers to improve your vocabulary. Practicing writing in English helps as it gives you an idea of where you’re going wrong and provides you with an opportunity to improve. Make sure that you keep a handy dictionary while studying, as it acts as a fine assistance and navigator.


    Mathematics makes us think “Practice makes a man perfect”. The only way to improve in Maths is to practices a lot and at the appropriate time. It’s not a subjective paper so you can get full marks for the right answer and if not you can get marks for the right steps as well. Calculations require a lot of skill and a concentrated mind so that there are the least mistakes hindering. Also make a note of all the important formulas and concepts and refer to them whenever you get the time. Practice previous years answer papers and write your solution in a step format thus, making your answers concise.


    Complicated and yet very interesting is what students define physics with. Make an appropriate list of all the relevant formulas and be alert about resolving the sums with the suitable formulas. You should create a list of all the formulas from all the chapters and make a separate list of all the derivations which will also help you cover the theory. Make a list of all the definitions as there are too many. Practice as many graphs and solve simple as well as miscellaneous questions with the use of eligible diagrams. Diagrams act as a source of key to the impressing of the one checking the physics paper. Also, analyze derivations practically and remember the steps. Practice with sample papers and previous years papers.


    The theory, numerical and organic as well as inorganic fields hold equal importance in chemistry. Chemistry is really a good support as with the organic formulas can bring you what you want, just a bit more concentration can set things in pace. The candidates should make a list of all the organic formulas for all the important elements and create a list of all the inorganic equations along with their molecular reactions. Practice all the diagrams as well as solve questions from previous year papers. Solving questions from the last 5 year papers can wither your fear and make you very friendly with the questions.


    As we all know that biology has theoretical as well as practical significance and thus needs memorization it helps to use flash cards for definitions and names. Also use Mnemonics for lengthy words and details and flowcharts to remember processes and sequences. Accomplish scores in practical and study a bit harder for the theory as memorizing can really bring you good marks.


    Language subjects require a lot of grasp and understanding of the grammar related to that particular subject. Studying Hindi is very similar to studying English and you can focus on the essay, application and story sections as they are highly scoring. It is essential on your part to be very clear with your concepts as confusions can be very big hurdles during the times of the exams.

    Commerce Field


    It is known that accountancy is all about Fundamentals and calculations thus it is crucial to ensure that all the concepts are absolutely clear. It also pays off to keep practicing and solve as many problems as possible as it will help you get an idea of the various nuances of the subject. Also show the calculations properly and provides sufficient explanations and narrations for the same.  You also need to be alert to avoid the oversights that are most commonly committee in accountancy and be precise regarding the various formats of the different statements of accounts. Also draw the formats neatly with the use of scale and pencil and start an account statement on a new page. Even if you cannot complete the problem you still get marks for the steps so ensure that you make the most out of it.


    Being an objective and monetary subject, economics has the reputation of holding a good position in the history of boards. It is a student’s friendly subject that does nopt disappoint you if you handle it with great care and understanding. While studying for Economics you have to pay attention to the different terms and key concepts that are involved in the subject. This is also a subject that includes a lot of calculations and diagrams thus you need to practice a lot in order to get acquainted with them. You also need to memorize the important definitions and formulae and revise them regularly. If you do not carry your regular practice with the concepts of economics, then you might run off the main points.



    This is a subject that is full of facts as recorded via historians as well as dates thus the only mantra to ace this subject is to read, memorize and remember all the important events and names of the various historical occurrences. Also, constantly keep on going through the material as its fact dense and watch related TV programs, movies and documentaries related to the historical events. Be conscious about using the right dates for each event that you writing on. As the irrelevant use of the same may bring great halt to your marks for this subject.

    Political Science:

    Coming to the most alluring subject of humanities, political science is like stock market. The current affairs fluctuate every day. Political science is filled with influential figures thus, it is important to read up on them in order to understand their motivations clearly and being able to differentiate between all of them. Also focus on the Indian as well as the world politics and keep yourself updated with the recent political developments and the current affairs both national as well as international. You should build up the habit of going through the newspaper everyday to keep yourself updated about the events happening across the globe.


    Sociology is filled with various cultures and social concepts thus it’s imperative to have good knowledge of the various social concepts be it modern demography, urbanization, kinship or family. Also you need to be well acquainted with the textbook and the RTI Act. The main book that is provided by the schools acts as the biggest assistance to the ones studying this subject. It also helps to be well versed with the different definitions that are put forth via eminent sociologists.

    HSC Board Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks : If you are on the way to appear for the HSC Board examinations, then HSC Board Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks that is mentioned in the article we have provided above.


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