HRD aiming for a single engineering exam

22 Oct, 2015

The HRD Ministry is striving towards making the ‘one exam, one rank, one counseling’ for admission into IITs/NITs/IISERs and other engineering colleges a reality and is brainstorming in order to eliminate any possible hurdles that could be a hurdle in the execution of the plan.

Take for instance that the ministry wants the IITs to shoulder the responsibility of the conduction of the single test so that there isn’t any compromise on the quality of the test. The highly placed sources stated that “There can be varied questions, both knowledge-based and analytical. JEE (advanced) through which students are taken into IITs is mostly analytical. A single question paper with right mix of questions could help students with different caliber.” A ministry official stated that a single test will be both scientific as well as test the merit of the candidates without placing a lot of stress on them. It will also then pave the way towards a system of single counseling. The official also stated that . “The process will become seamless. Right now students have to go through two kinds of coaching, one for IITs and another for rest of engineering institutions like NITs etc. Single test will save parents lot of money.”


The ‘One exam’ will rid the Debt Cycle

One of the prominent reasons for pushing of the ‘one exam’ is the debt cycle that has been created via the mushrooming coaching industry which is currently billed to be worth of around 10,000/- crore INR. The ministry official stated that most of the students receive two kinds of coaching as a result of which they usually commence their engineering career carrying a debt of around Rs. 7 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh. Due to this many sources are of the view that the ‘one exam’ is the only path out in order to lessen the dominance of the coaching centres.

The ministry is hoping for a positive report via the expert committee that’s headed by Ashok Misra who is the former director of IIT Bombay. Sources claimed that during the course of the IIT Council meeting there arose differing opinions on the issue at hand but there was a general agreement that the students do undergo a lot of stress. The Ministry official also stated that “Even Joint Admission Board of IITs is in favour of single examination. We expect report to deal with implementation issues,”

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