How to Score Higher Marks in CBSE 12th Commerce 2019

25 Aug, 2018
How to Score Higher Marks in CBSE 12th Commerce 2019

How to Score Higher Marks in CBSE 12th Commerce 2019- Commerce demands students who are interested in finance, business, economy, and calculations. Every year numerous students appeal for the commerce stream as their career prospects in future from across the globe. Each student has a different approach towards the preparation for the board examinations, respectively. The students who are going to appear in the same in this current academic year for 12th boards can refer to the directions of preparations according to the area of interest and convenience as well. There are several subjects in the particular stream namely, accountancy, mathematics, economics, business studies and language subjects as well. If the students aim to bag momentum in all of them it is useful if they consider this article as a guide.

Secrets to Embrace Success in CBSE 12th Commerce 2019

Time Management: Time waits for none. Time management solves all fret for the students and specially for the board aspirants. If proper time is allocated for studying each of the concepts sincerely, then no one will lag behind time and accomplish their goals accordingly. Time is definitely not to be wasted by any of the students and thus, preparation done on time brings the greatest productivity comprehensively.

    Avoid Procrastination: Delays in the accomplishment of the preparation of the chapters decided brings the greatest loss to the students. If one has set the pace with the study strategy, then one must never strive off from the same and accomplish their goal so as to attain the highest productivity. Procrastination has always led students to the lack of time in preparing what is prior to their study plans. Thus, students ought to deal with their commitment to themselves regarding the preparation process.

    Self Study Commitment: No matter how many coaching one has, at last, what refurbishes is regular self-study. All the students must make sure that they are executing the study plan prepared by them and that is what brings the biggest results. Self-study is the greatest solution which cultivates concentration and determination on the part of the board applicants. When you commit to studying yourself after all your understanding in your institution and coaching, what your final planning is that you ought to accomplish self-evaluation.

    Constant Practice: The continuous practice of the previous year question papers acts the most useful way to drive in scores in the board examinations. If the students indulge in the downloading or purchasing of offline sample question books, then they are going to grab an idea of the pattern of the questions arriving in the examinations, and also answer each of the questions easily after they have adopted the idea of the marking scheme of both long answer and short answer type questions.

    Decisive Choice of Books: Books are the keys to the bog day. One ought to choose the best quality books of the revised edition from the known publications in consultation with your seniors, passed outs, peers, guardians and also subject teachers at school. The wrong book can prove fatal to the academic future of all the students and thus, all the books must be chosen with great care and decisiveness.

    Avoid Social Networking Platforms: Social networking distracts all the students appearing for big examinations. Thus, the best advice on the part of all the students is to detach from all the social networks during the examination season.

    Subject-wise Strategies:

    Accountancy: Accountancy is all about finance. All the interested students in commerce are taught about the firm foundation in basic accounting principles and methodology. It also introduces the commerce students to the changes taking place in the business trends not only nationally but also globally. The course puts forward to the students the different phases of accounting, the purpose and the standards of accounting or managing accounts, as well.

    Best Books Prescribed:

    • Accounting for Management – Srivastava & Sakthivel Murugan
    • Accounting for Management – T Vijayakumar
    • Accounting for Management – Dr. Ashok Sehgal & Dr. Deepak Sehgal
    • Accounting for Management – S.K.Bhattacharyya
    • Accounting for Management – S.K.Bhattacharya & John Dearden
    • Accounting Made Easy- Rajesh Agrawal. R Srinivasan
    • Accounting & Finance – Contemporary Issues J.B.Sarker


    Units  Chapters Marks 
    Part A  Accounting for Partnership Firms and Companies 
    Unit 1. Accounting for Partnership Firms 35
    Unit 2. Accounting for Companies 25
    Part B Financial Statement Analysis
    Unit 3. Analysis of Financial Statements 12
    Unit 4. Cash Flow Statement 8
    Part C Project Work 20
    Part B Computerized Accounting
    Unit 3. Computerized Accounting 20
    Part C Practical Work 20

    Business Studies: Business is a complex process and thus, needs an immense understanding about the same to run or make it function successfully. It brings together advancements, knowledge, and technology, detailed study of the organization as well as operating information and structures as well. Trade, industry, and their relationship in the society both nationally and internationally is what is imparted in the Business studies concept. The pros, cons, ebb and flows, the profits and losses everything is structured so as to make it comprehensible for the ones studying.

    Best Books Prescribed:

    • Subhash Dey
    • Sandeep Garg
    • NCERT


    Units    Marks
    Part A Principles and Functions of Management
    1 Nature and Significance of Management 16
    2 Principles of Management
    3 Business Environment
    4 Planning 14
    5 Organizing
    6 Staffing 20
    7 Directing
    8 Controlling
    Part B Business Finance and Marketing
    9 Financial Management 15
    10 Financial Markets
    11 Marketing Management 15
    12 Consumer Protection
    Part C Project Work 20
    Total 100 

    Mathematics: Mathematics reminds all of us of calculations and deductions. It faces constant tricks, challenges, and is not at all static but a dynamic mechanism. Professional courses that the students across the world indulge into namely, engineering, bioscience, computer applications and so on requires the good grasp of the subject. The students who are good in calculations have their grasp over all the complex and intellect courses including management as well. Whether one appears for CAT, MAT or any other nationally significant entrance examination, he or she needs to be dissolved into mathematics.

    Best Books Prescribed:

    • RS Aggarwal
    • ML Khanna
    • D Sharma


    Unit Topic Marks
    I. Relations and Functions 10
    II. Algebra 13
    III. Calculus 44
    IV. Vectors and 3-D Geometry 17
    V. Linear Programming 06
    VI. Probability 10
    Total 100

    Economics: Economics is an essential subject holding its relevance in the affairs of the world and an influential discipline of social sciences. An economy is dynamic too and is open to fluctuations through the stocks, exchanges, budget, and foreign exchange policies. It requires great functional study to grab an understanding on the same and also is a systematic discipline that requires its students to be exposed to the current affairs concerning the economy across the globe.

    Best Books Prescribed:

    • Sandeep Garg
    • R Jain
    • K Ohri


    Units   Marks
    Part A Introductory Microeconomics 40
    Introduction 4
    Consumer’s Equilibrium and Demand 13
    Producer Behaviour and Supply 13
    Forms of Market and Price Determination 10
    Part B Introductory Macroeconomics 40
    National Income and Related Aggregates 10
    Money and Banking 6
    Determination of Income and Employment 12
    Government Budget and the Economy 6
    Balance of Payments 6
    Part C Project Work 20
      Total 100

    English: Being a language subject, English gathers scores with descriptive answers accomplished by the students. English contains literature as well as grammar & writing skills. The students must make sure that they are aware of the chapters with proper understanding. The answers for English can be written with confidence only when the students are completely aware of the syllabus and build an understanding of all the lessons included. The writing section has to be dealt with proper spellings, no lexical grammatical errors, and also has to be comprehensive as well.

    Best Books Prescribed:

    • All in One English Core
    • Oxford Communicative English Resource Book
    • Full Marks English Core


    Section Area of Learning Marks
    A Reading Comprehension 30
    B Writing Skills 30
    C Literature & Long Reading Text 40
      Total 100


    Section Unit Marks
    A Reading Skills 20
    B Writing Skills and Grammar 40
    C Literary Texts & Long Reading 40
      Total 100

    This post legitimately covers all the answers to the question “How to Score Higher Marks in CBSE 12th Commerce 2019”. Stay focused and smartly plan your study to make your near & dear ones proud.


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