How to Prepare for NIOS 12th Exam

19 Mar, 2019
How to Prepare for NIOS 12th Exam

How to Prepare for NIOS 12th Exam – NIOS stands for National Institute for Open Schooling that is the same as schooling just with a little difference. The difference lies in not attending the school regularly unlike the schools which need to be attended regularly mandatorily. The attendance is not counted in the NIOS for the students who want to equally receive an education like the regular schooling students despite the fact that they will not be able to attend the school regularly due to their own personal choice and convenience. Moreover, to perform better in the examinations getting conducted two times in a year the students must make a lot of efforts on their part to come up with excellent scores. The article is motivated towards enlightening and navigating all the students affiliated to the NIOS to dream big and act in a manner in order to achieve what they expect. The NIOS qualification has the same value as any other state board conducting examinations every consecutive year with just a minor difference in the attendance. Every student has his or her own way of preparing for the crucial exams and thus, the article allows all the NIOS 12th students to prepare in the most established way without getting hassled up with bizarre thoughts that are misguiding.

Preparation Tips for Qualifying 12th NIOS 2019 with Higher Marks

All the NIOS applicants can make sure that they refer to the following point by point procedure or tip to prepare for their 12th board examination for NIOS 2019. The steps are comprehensive enough to navigate the studies of the children with the proper allocation of time.

  • Do not take stress for the examinations when they are commencing but regulate your energies and time to make them parallel to each other. The exam time is crucial for preparations and for this you need to manage time very decisively without wasting it at any cost. First prepare a study plan according to the syllabus, date sheet released as well as your adaptability of the concepts.
  • The secret to success is the proper allocation for time to each of the concepts according to the lessons you find easy or tough. Start with the tough chapters and then move on to the easy chapters, this is because it saves time on one hand, and on the other hand assures accomplishments of the chapters on time with efficient time savored for revision before the examinations.
  • Examination time is filled and stuffed with tensions and pressure on the part of all the students. So, the time must be maximized to the fullest capacity with hard work and determination. Sorting all the chapters of each subject and then working on the same is what is expected on the part of all the students.
  • It is important on the part of the students to take proper guidance from their seniors, peers, subject teachers, as well as senior passed outs that have already faced the same situation once and can advise you better. Stay away from the gibberish manipulations and just make a prominent focus on your own deeds and dedication.
  • Have faith in yourself with inbuilt confidence that is what you actually need morally without letting yourself down at any cause. Stay completely detached from the social network platforms so that they do not cause you distraction during the tender time. Gear courage to face any challenge with all your attention accumulated on the subjects that pile the curriculum.
  • Making a constant habit of self-study results in great consequences on the part of the students before the examinations actually commence. The more the students focus on the practicing of sample question papers of various publications, the greater will they grasp the idea of question pattern and then be able to answer all the questions in their own expertise.
  • Maintain a healthy diet by regulating eating habits. Avoid waking up late and make sure to take naps at regular intervals to relax your thinking process, comprehensively.

Secret Strategies to Score Perfect in 12th NIOS 2019

  • Reach the examination hall on time without any delay. If you stay at a greater distance then the examination centre then make sure that you depart from your residence earlier so as to reach the exam hall before at least 30 minutes from the commencement of the exam.
  • If you reach the exam hall before the time, you will able to read out the question paper diligently and then frame the points of the answer according to the marking scheme specified in the question paper against each of the questions.
  • Make sure that you do not indulge in the sort of illegal activity that can risk your future. If any of the invigilators discover any student indulge in any illegal activity, the students will not be allowed to further continue with the writing of the examination.
  • The students must not forget to carry the hall ticket or the admit card that gets issued by the board authorities. This is important on the part of the students to carry the hard copy of the same to the days the examinations are conducted for each examination. Without the same they will not be allowed to appear in the exam.
  • Good handwriting is not every being’s cup of tea and thus, the students must make sure that they are keeping enough spaces in between the words and lines so that the answers are neat and easily comprehended by the evaluation body, responsible for the same. Margins for the answers must also be looked into by the students so that they are not losing out unnecessary marks for silly mistakes.

    All the students who are going to appear for the NIOS 12th board examinations for all the three streams namely, Science/Arts and Commerce must make sure that they are referring the above points that refers to the special strategies for preparations of the exam and also the tricks to score outstandingly without putting much stress on the mind and peace.

    • Best Books for Preparation of 12th NIOS 2019
    • Books available to download on NIOS Website
    • Mathematics by RD SHARMA and/or RS AGGARWAL
    • Concept of Physics by HC VERMA
    • NCERT Class 11th & 12th Books

    This is how you can prepare holistically for NIOS 12th 2019. Always focus on your goal and achieve good marks in the exam. Happy Learning!



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