How to Get Excellent Score in ICSE 12th 2019

25 Aug, 2018
How to Get Excellent Score in ICSE 12th 2019

How to Get Excellent Score in ICSE 12th 2019- Every consecutive year, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations conducts the 10th and 12th board examinations for all the affiliated students for their bright future in any stream that they opt for. The examination season inflicts immense stress on the part of all the students appearing for the same. The students must make sure that they keep calm and keep up their determination for achieving the best scores in whatever course they pursue affiliated to the ICSE board. The article below is motivated towards the imparting of the most comprehensive step by step procedures in order to clear the examination without any hassles, acknowledge the best books that ought to refer, the syllabus for each subject, and also the preparation strategies for appearing in the 12th board examination. Moreover, the ICSE board has been an autonomous body conducting the 10th and 12th board examinations every year, prescribe the syllabus, issue the dates of the events, the date sheets and books as well as admit cards to the students thus, ensuring the best education imparted to the students across the country affiliated to the same board conducting examinations.

5 Secret Tips to Find Success in ICSE 12th 2019

  1. Time is precious and thus if not cared for can cause losses to all the students during the end of the academic season 2019. It is important for the students to value time and allocate enough time to each of the subjects adequately so that they can prepare for the same efficiently. Preparation done on time is what brings the maximum success to all the students. All the board students must be very punctual on the matters of devoting the maximum time to their studies during the board examinations and divert their attention to the preparations only.
  2. It is necessary for all the students to stop using the social media during the exam time as it is the biggest source of distraction for all the students. The social media engages the students for long duration and then the students wind up the interests in studying and all their concentration losses. The students can continue to switch on the social networks once they are done with the examination preparations at the end of the academic year. Self-control on this matter counts largely.
  3. Buy the best publication books and sample question papers so as to get the perfect navigation towards the examination result. So as to grab the best idea of the marking scheme, the type or pattern of questions, the way of writing answers, can all be enlightened only by choosing the revised editions decisively by the students. Thus, making sure in consultation with the subject experts, the passed out seniors, the peers and also parents who have passed through the same stage and give the best opinions possible on the same respective matter of choosing the best publications is helpful on the part of the students.
  4. All the board applicants must make sure that they have encountered a study plan and set strategies for each day depending on their interests and convenience of subjects and knowledge about the same. Choosing the tough concepts first and then the easy ones help the students largely and also saves time for them to revise the concepts simultaneously at the end of the academic year, comprehensively.
  5. Stress and tensions are part of the examination season and thus, the students must keep certain points in mind. Some of them are, taking naps at regular intervals, eating healthy foods, and also keeping oneself positive and calm with steered up confidence and determination regarding the examinations. If the students are constantly taking upon pressure, then it will become difficult for them to cope up with the exam pressures.

ICSE 12th Syllabus 2019 for Science, Arts, and Commerce

  1. ICSE 12th Board Syllabus for Science:


Section A Section B Section C
Origin and Evolution of Life Multicellularity Genetics
Applications of Biology


    Section A Section B Section C
    Electrostatics Wave Optics Electrons and Photons
    Current Electricity Ray Optics and Optical Instruments Atoms
    Magnetism   Nuclei
    Electromagnetism   Nuclear Energy
    Alternating Current Circuits   Semiconductor Devices
        Communication Systems



    Section A Section B Section C
    Determinants and Matrices Vectors  Discount
    Boolean Algebra Co-ordinate Geometry in 3-Dimensions Annuities
    Conic Probability Linear Programming
    Inverse Trigonometric Function Application of Derivatives in Commerce and Economics
    Calculus Index numbers and moving averages
    Correlation and Regression
    Complex Numbers
    Differential Equations


    Molecular Biology Cell Culture Technology
    Genetic Engineering Bio-informatics


    Section A Section B Section C
    Relative Molecular Mass and Mole Coordination Compounds Alkyl and Aryl Halides
    States of Matter: Structure and Properties Chemistry of p-Block Elements Alcohols and Phenols
    Chemical Kinetics Preparation/ Manufacture, Properties and Uses of Compounds of Groups 16, 17 Ethers, Carbonyl Compounds.
    Chemical Equilibria Chemistry of Transition and Inner-Transition Elements Carboxylic acids and Acid Derivatives
    Ionic Equilibria   Cyanides, Isocyanides, Nitro compounds, Amines and Diazonium Salts
    Electrochemistry   Polymers


    1. ICSE 12th Board Syllabus for Arts:

    Political Science:

    Section A (Constitution and Government) Section B (Indian Democracy)
    Forms of Government Preamble
    Constitution Salient features of the Indian Constitution.
    Franchise and Representation Organs of the Government Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles
    The Legislature Local self-government
    The Executive Democracy in India – a perspective of the challenges faced.
    The Judiciary  


    Towards Independence and Partition: the Last Phase (1935-1947). World War II
    Establishment and development of Indian democracy (1947 – 1984) De-colonisation – in Asia (China), Africa (Ghana & Kenya).
    India’s Foreign Policy Cold War 1945-91 – origin, course, end, and impact:
    Social Developments Protest Movements
    Middle East: Israeli-Palestine conflict (1917- 1993)


    Physical Environment Industries
    Population and Human settlements Regional Economic Development (Case studies)
    Resources of India and their Utilization Map Work
    Infrastructural Resources (Development of Transport and Communication)


    Micro Economic Theory Balance of Payment and Exchange Rate
    Theory of Income and Employment Public Finance
    Money and Banking National Income
    1. ICSE 12th Board Syllabus for Commerce:
    Commerce Syllabus Major Topics
    Business Environment Management
    Financing Marketing

    Secret Examination Hall Points to Recall:

    • Do not carry any electrical gadgets like calculators, mobile phones to the exam hall so as to avoid any troubles.
    • It is compulsory on the part of all the board applicants to carry their hall ticket or admit cards to the examination hall without which they will not be allowed to appear in the particular examination. This acts as a legitimate proof holding all the valid details of the student appearing in the board examination, respectively.
    • Do not indulge into any conversation, debate or discussion or any other illegal activities except concentrating in your own answer sheets.
    • The invigilators will be firmly evaluating each student and will debar the students if there are any illegal discrepancies on the part of the students.
    • The students must make sure that they are punctual and reaching the examination hall before half an hour on the days of the examinations. This helps the students read the question paper, and frame out the answers before the commencement of the examination.
    • The students must attempt the questions according to their knowledge on the same. If the student finds any question difficult they should move on to some other question they find easy to attempt or else they will lag behind time at the end of the exam.

    This is all about how to get an excellent score in ICSE 12th 2019. Follow the same to crack this exam in flying colors.


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