Goa Board SSC Date Sheet 2019

16 Nov, 2018

Goa Board SSC Date Sheet 2019- All the students affiliated to the Goa Board is expecting the SSC date sheet for the current academic year as the examinations are going to be conducted in the month of April from 2nd to the 23rd of the same month. So, as the timetable gets released before two months of the commencement of the examinations, it is expected that the date sheet will release in the month of January 2019 so that the students get ample time to prepare for all the subjects separately and adequately. The date sheet will be releasing in the online based mode in a PDF format which will contain the subject names, the date of the examinations as well as subject codes for ease of the students during the examination session. All the students can easily refer to the timetable that has been provided below with a motive to concentrate on their weaker areas first and then jump to their for take concepts which will definitely consume less time. To accomplish great scores the best preparation strategies are essential and thus, the students must refer to the article below or the article published by the official board of Goa where all the updates concerning all the essential events of the school education have been illustrated, precisely.


Goa Board SSC Date Sheet 2019: Expected

The timetable/ routine/ date sheet that is given below is for the prior reference of the students. This is not the accurate date sheet for the current academic year, but is provided so that the students can commence with their own preparation without waiting for the same to be issued in the January month.

    Days & Dates of Examination

    Timings of the Examination

    Subjects (With Codes)

    02/04/2019 MONDAY

    9.30 a.m.-12.00 noon

    First Language – English (111),Marathi (112), Urdu (113), Marathi(114) (CWSN), English (115) (CWSN)

    03/04/2019 TUESDAY

    9.30 a.m.-11.30 a.m.

    Floriculture (053) (CWSN)

    04/04/2019 WEDNESDAY

    9.30 a.m.-12.00 noon

    Mathematics – English Medium (021), Marathi Medium(022), Urdu Medium(023), Marathi Medium (024)(CWSN), English Medium (025) (CWSN)

    05/04/2019 THURSDAY

    9.30 a.m.-12.00 noon

    Second Language : Hindi (121), Hindi (125) (CWSN) Second Language Composite : Hindi-Marathi (165-162), Hindi-Sanskrit (165-163), Hindi-Portuguese (165-166), Hindi-Arabic (165-164), Hindi-French (165-167)

    06/04/2019 FRIDAY

    9.30 a.m.-11.30 a.m.

    Domestic Electrical Appliances (042), Electronics (043), Cookery(044)(E),(064) (M), Garment Cutting Sewing (045), Garment Designing & Decoration (046), Food Processing (047), Bakery (048), Horticulture (049)(E), Horticulture (069)(M), Domestic Wiring (041), Floriculture (050)

    07/04/2019 SATURDAY

    9.30 a.m.-11.00 a.m

    Social Science Paper I : English Medium (011-A), Marathi Medium (012-A), Urdu Medium (013-A), History and Political Science (CWSN): English Medium (016), Marathi Medium (018)

    09/04/2019 MONDAY

    9.30 a.m.-11.00 noon

    Social Science Paper II : English Medium (011-B), Marathi Medium (012-B), Urdu Medium (013-B)

    09/04/2019 MONDAY

    9.30 a.m.-12.00 noon

    Geography and Economics (CWSN) : English Medium (017), Marathi Medium (019)

    10/04/2019 TUESDAY

    9.30 a.m.11.30 a.m.

    Tailoring & Cutting (902) (CWSN)

    11/04/2019 WEDNESDAY

    9.30 a.m.-12.00 noon

    Social Science Paper II: English Medium (011-B), Marathi Medium (012-B), Urdu Medium (013-B), Geography and Economics (CWSN): English Medium (017), Marathi Medium (019)

    12/04/2019 THURSDAY

    9.30 a.m.-12.00 noon

    Third Language : English (131), Konkani(132), Marathi(133), Urdu(134), Sanskrit (135), Kannada (136), Arabic (139), French (141), Portuguese(142), English (146) (CWSN), Konkani (147) (CWSN), Marathi (148) (CWSN)

    13/04/2019 FRIDAY

    9.30 a.m.-11.00 a.m.

    All NSQF Subjects

    16/04/2019 MONDAY

    9.30 a.m.-11.30 a.m.

    Word Processing (145) (CWSN)

    17/04/2019 TUESDAY

    9.30 a.m.-11.30 a.m.

    Home Vegetable Gardening(071) (CWSN)

    18/04/2019 WEDNESDAY

    9.30 a.m.11.30 a.m.

    Desk Top Publishing (150) (CWSN)

    19/04/2019 THURSDAY

    9.30 a.m.-11.30 a.m.

    Drawing & Painting (801) (CWSN)

    20/04/2019 FRIDAY

    9.30 a.m.11.30 a.m.

    Bakery & Confectionery (129) (CWSN)

    21/04/2019 SATURDAY

    9.30 a.m.11.30 a.m.

    Basic Cookery (065) (CWSN), Basic Cookery (066) (CWSN)

    Goa Board SSC Date Sheet 2019: How to Download

    There is some basic step-by-step procedure to download the SSC date sheet that appears in an online PDF format. We have provided you the steps comprehensively and expect you to refer to the same.

    • Goa Board SSC Date Sheet 2019 is given bellow or Visit the official Goa Board website.
    • Then search and click the link that shows, Goa Board SSC Date Sheet 2019.
    • The date sheet gets displayed on the screen after you have done with the click on the link.
    • Download the same and save it.
    • Lastly, get as many printouts you require for your future reference. 

    About Goa Board

    The Goa board, like any other educational board authorities was established in 1975. This board of education is responsible for the management and regulation of the board as well as school level examinations every year. It not only issues results, date sheets, syllabus but also looks into the enhancement and development of the educationally and socially backward sections, academically. Every year it aims to integrate and evaluate outstanding results on the part of all the students affiliated to this board under the public and private schools. Thus, this year too it is responsible for publishing the Goa Board SSC Date Sheet 2019.


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