GMAT 2017 Preparation Tips and Strategies

GMAT 2017 Preparation Tips and Strategies – The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or also known as the gatekeeper of the MBA can put any student into heaps of anxiety. Obtaining a good score on the GMAT is one of the pre-requisites if you want to get into a top business school.

The sheer ambiguity of the GMAT can stress any student out..but relax..breathe..the GMAT Exam 2017 isn’t a pushover, just that you need to prepare for it in advance and use some simple strategies while writing the test in order to give yourself the best chance of success. We admit it isn’t cakewalk..but it also isn’t that huge of a barrier.

“The test is not a test of what you know, but a test of how you think.”

Keeping that in mind a few preparation tips and strategies are enlisted below that will help you face this gatekeeper with your head held high.

Preparation Tips for GMAT 2017 Exam

  1. Consistency over intensity:

The GMAT preparation can be compared to learning to pay chess, you not only need to learn and know all the concept and tricks but to be a pro at it , its essential to be confident and rapid in their usage. This translates to being quick in your calculations in the quant section. You may know all the concepts but it isn’t of any use if you aren’t quick at it. In order to ace this skill its beneficial to have shorter and frequent training sessions instead of cramming over the weekend.

  1. Keeping a daily log

As you must be knowing the number of concepts that are asked in the GMAT questions might knock you out with their sheer finite nature. It might be difficult to keep a track of all the concepts that you are aware of or those you need to work on. A good method to reduce these “white areas” is to keep a learning diary in which one should jot down every unknown prep question or the ones you took longer to answer and make a point to understand the correct answer and the concept behind it. Doing so regularly during the preparation will result in the lists of weakness diminishing overtime.

  1. Setting up of an exponential GMAT prep timetable.

Needless to say it is imperative to create a timetable in order to leave enough time and plan effectively during the GMAT preparation. Its also recommended that you opt for the exponential approach in the prep time planning as the closer the date looms the more time you should plan for the GMAT preparation. It possible it is wiser to choose a test date that occurs towards the end of a holiday which results in you having a week or more to focus only on the GMAT prior to the test.

  1. Train to use a laminated drawing board.

Most of the test centers offer only laminated drawing boards for the purpose of calculations and sketches during the test and if not accustomed to can cause a whole lot of hassles and cause for irritation during the test. Keeping that in mind it is imperative to practice on it over the preparation phase in order to dodge as many surprises on the test date.

  1. Never overestimate GMAT prep test results.

The GMAT prep tests that are made available at the GMAT website and are cite via many sources as an efficient way to train in the real test conditions which is absolutely true but also keep in mind to never overestimate these results as they are not adaptable to real empirical standardized tests. So my advice is to use them but not get overconfident and consider yourself ready when you reach your target score on these tests.

  1. Keep redoing GMAT prep tests

As everyone is aware of the quote “practice makes one perfect..or near perfect; the same follows for the prep tests. You can make avail of good GMAT prep tests via various sources and companies and one of the best things about these tests is that most of them make use of an adaptive algorithm as the real test does, thus redoing a prep-test will expose one to greater volume of questions.

  1. Rehearse educated guessing

A great method in facing the GMAT questions especially the verbal section in which you aren’t certain of an answer is to make an “educated guess “which translated to rapidly mentally ranking the five possible answers in the order of their suitability and then excluding the wrong answers. This can save ones time but sometimes time constraints can render this something of a luxury.

  1. Focus on your weakness. .But don’t lose sight of your strengths

You should always know your weak areas and try to strengthen them but focusing on one weakness for too great a time will do you more harm than good. A good method is to set a certain base level of prep questions in each category daily and in the weak categories a few additional questions should be planned on top.

  1. Know what you know

Closing to the date of the exam its much important to organize and strengthen what you already know rather than cramming new stuff in your head. Stop making your head swim and focus on reviewing and redoing problems. Aim for depth over breath and don’t try to cover everything under the sun.

  1. Overshoot your target GMAT score

As heard before “always aim for the stars and you might land on treetops” it’s always good to aim higher than what’s necessary and work towards it in order to achieve your necessary score if not more. It isn’t uncommon for test takers to score 30 points more or less than their expectation thus by doing so you won’t be setting yourself up for any disappointment.

  1. Built up, not down.

Many students make the mistake of focusing on the harder problem and not on the easier ones. Its beneficial to focus on the easier problems and know in depth about it and being able to answer it confidently correctly and quickly.

  1. Setting up milestones while giving the GMAT

The worst case scenario of a GMAT test taker is running out of time. Most candidates do not realize that they are lagging until its too late and thus to compensate for this situation the candidate is advised to set and stick to certain milestones and stick to them.

Hopefully these steps help you plan better and face the GMAT without any anxiety. Happy preparation!

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