GATE 2018 Preparation Tips and Strategies

With hardly a few days left for gate it’s important to prepare for it and also juggle with time management. Here are a few GATE 2018 Preparation Tips that will help you do the same.

1. How many hours should u spend on daily practice?

There isn’t any such hard and fast rule as to how many hours a day should you devote to learning, relearning and practicing but all those candidates who have topped and are successful have invested more than 8 to 12 hours daily during the last days of GATE preparation. GATE success calls for dedicated as well as a focused approach via the candidates involved.

As per Abhinash Dash who ranked AIR 3 in EC in GATE 2014 advises that of whatever the time you have allotted for the GATE prep you should ensure that 60% of the time is devoted in the solving of MCQs and mock questions.  Practice does ensure success provided you have studied the said subject

2. How to spearhead GATE 2018 Preparation?

The candidate must ensure that they have completed the GATE syllabus for the respective disciplines by now and the only task left at hand is the revision of the same. As the GATE syllabus is extremely vast the revision cannot be put off until the very last minute.

Nitin Rakesh Prasad who is the Director of the GATE ACADEMY suggests that the Revision is the need of the hour and candidates are advised to brush through the basics once again, go through the definitions as well as the formulas. This is not the time to focus on the weaker sections as it would result in lowering your self-confidence which at the eleventh hour isn’t appropriate.

In the month of January the student should appear for more test series and on-line mock tests in order to judge the preparation levels and also to work on the weaker technical issues that are faced.

Another important advice to candidates is to not go through the topics that they don’t really know as it doesn’t make sense to read the topics they haven’t understood earlier and just overpowers your strengths by letting in self-doubts, lower self-esteem and poor confidence. Students should let go of topics they aren’t well versed with or not really understand. They should focus their energy on the revision of the important topics they are fairly well versed with

3. What should a candidate do during the last few days of GATE ?

During the preparation stage its important to not saturate ones day with just theory as practice is extremely important as well as your confidence. The candidate is thus advised to give as many tests as one can in order to prepare a strategy for the final examination.

Aditya Gusain who scored an AIR 5 in Biotechnology in GATE 2014 suggests that the candidates should try and practice as many questions as one can with the help of solving the previous year’s papers and the solving of carious mock tests

4. Tips on General Aptitude /Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics is known for it being easy as well as highly scoring thus candidates are advised to ensure that they score high in this particular section.

Vishvadeep Gothi who is a member of the expert faculty from the GATE ACADEMY states that he would suggest the students study almost all the topics from all the subjects and as per the need of the hour he would suggest that they focus on the following topics.

The topics of Engineering and Mathematics are different from each stream but in general the candidates should focus on Probability, Differential Equation, Calculus and Numerical Methods.

In GATE though Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude is given more weightage compared to the respective chosen subjects.

Suggested books for reading:

General Aptitude Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Agrawal
Engineering Mathematics Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S. Grewal

Saurabh Sarda who secured AIR 3 for GATE 2014 in Computer Science Engineering suggests that the GATE questions for Engineering mathematics are extremely easy and that if you have prepared well for JEE the n you should have issues with these questions as this section is very simple.

For those students who have taken up Computer Science, he suggests that Computer science is all based on Mathematics thus if you are strong in that you can easily crack the GATE exam. Computer Science is all based on logic and reasoning thus having a staunch mathematical background will help in easing the path

5. How often should one solve the Mock Tests/ Online test series/ Previous Papers?

The last few days should only be devoted to practice and revision with the help of Mock tests/ online tests and the solving of the previous year’s papers. This will allow the students to get accustomed to the exam pattern as well as the exam environment.

Ankit Goyal who secured a AIR 1 for EE in GATE 2014 suggests that during the final month the students should solely focus on the test series and mock tests as it’s the only method through which they can revise all the subjects in a matter of a few hours which will help them gain confidence. Also an analysis of their performance after the completion of each test is extremely necessary as it helps in the identification of the weaker areas and thus enable improvement in that particular subject in the next test.

Rahul Shareen who secured an AIR 11 in GATE 2014 in EE states that during his last days of preparation he sat and practiced a lot of problems and also prepare small handy notes on all the topics all along. He also put up a white board in his room and noted down all the formulas so that incase he would get stuck he could just look it up and continue until he got better.

He also stated that he didn’t put up the basic formulas but instead he put up the middle ones so that he could continue without an hesitation as during the examination there isn’t a scope for thinking and working it out and thus it’s imperative to know how to do the calculations

6. Time Management and Accuracy:

The last 10 to 12 days should be utilized for the improvement of accuracy and time management as its pretty important. Practicing is the key to it as not all the candidates aim to attempt all the questions accurately

7. Focus on your health.

As the age old adage goes that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy its apt in stating that only studying isn’t enoughand candidates must take care of their health and get good sleep during the preparation for one of the most difficult exams. The candidates should also ensure their mental wellbeing via aesthetic pursuits such as music, walks mild sports etc. The candidates should focus on those pursuits that help them relax and in turn have a much clearer and focused mind.

Lastly let go of all the books and let your hair down before the exam and relax.. Do not overstress. Have some good time and all the best!



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