Why to Begin with the JEE Main 2019 Preparation Early

13 Sep, 2018
Why to Begin with the JEE Main 2019 Preparation Early

JEE Main 2019 is a hard nut to crack. The questions asked are not secluded just from a single chapter. You need to use your basic concepts to solve different types of questions. In addition, the number of candidates who have the same grades increased due to intense competition. The highest scores secured in JEE Main 2018 were 350. However, this highest score was guaranteed by 6 different candidates. This increases the importance of each brand. This article discusses about why to begin with the JEE main 2019 preparation early.

When you start preparing early, you can estimate which topics are easier to find and which ones you need more time. For example, anyone who finds physics the hardest can create a study plan accordingly and spend more time studying the subject. When you start preparing at the last minute, you are in a hurry to complete the curriculum without any direction. In this way, you will not overcome your weaknesses and will lose traces in the test.

Why to Begin with the JEE Main 2019 Preparation Early- Key Things to Work on

  • Time: You learn to respect and manage time very early. If you start with the JEE preparation (the last 2 years), you are already in this habit of managing things.
  • Regular practice: Go to coaching, come home, do homework, manage school-related things, etc. All this becomes a part of your routine.
  • Groundwork: Build your foundation strong, brush up your basics.

    If you start preparing early, you can guesstimate how well you react to pressure situations. With more mock tests, you can develop strategies that work for you — from which topic you should first solve, where you should spend the least and most of your time. In addition, depending on how well you score in these tests, you can estimate how well you will do in the exam and what your rank might be. Hence, you can target at preparing for JEE advanced as well.

    Why to Begin with the JEE Main 2019 Preparation Early- Advantages of Starting with Preparations in Advance

    1. Get Acquainted: As you start something new, there is a lot to find and get to know. Once you join a coaching institute, you will receive information about the format of the exam, the material used how you can go through your preparation and other relevant details without much effort and directly from experienced instructors.
    2. Well-rounded Coaching – your entire preparation is based on certain fundamentals because it helps you to understand and use the more advanced concepts. The early start gives the teachers enough time to bring them up to date with the basics.
    3. Development of a Competitive Spirit – the preparation with a class full of similarly-minded people offers you an exterior inspiration through healthy competition. This will help you stay at the top of your preparation. Definitely, a little to keep you involved and perform well
    4. Self-Confidence – Competitive tests can be traumatic to handle. But you don’t have to worry, because research shows that people who have spent more time working better under stress. With the extra time you have spent, you can easily surpass most of your competition.

    Why to Begin with the JEE Main 2019 Preparation Early- Quick Tips & Tricks.

    1. The very first step is to be focused. Their final result is a comparison rank against long-term planners who have been preparing for at least two years, if not more. Only a concentrated, diligent and planned curriculum will bring the desired score and the desired rank.
    2. A good JEE coaching course will provide relevant topic-oriented components of questions and solutions. It will also set pre-planned deadlines for completion to help you accelerate yourself.
    3. Emphasis on improving your problem-solving speed, which necessitates incessant practice. Drill down with regular numerical problem practice. If you go for the actual exam, you will have developed a rope to recognize the nature of the problem at once by just looking at it.
    4. If you can’t manage to pay for a course, there are other ways to access training materials. You will succeed with the right tools and a rigorous schedule. Make this your mantra: practice the most relevant numerical problems daily, and that will see you through the exam.

    JEE Preparation is a voyage that ends in a beautiful target – your dream engineering college. The months of JEE preparation are crucial time of your life, and you not only decide your career but also shape it as a person. The effort you put into the years of JEE preparation has a direct impact on the lead you will get in your career.


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